PACOM Week in Review Ending 26 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Can China help to defuse the nuclear threat from Iran? 09/27/09

AU: Australia how-to jihadist jailed 09/24/09

AU: Australia's military objects to China investment 09/23/09

CN: Could “Tibet independence” and “Xinjiang independence” forces be … 09/24/09

CN: Mao's Grandson Rises in Chinese Military 09/24/09

IN: Indian state terrorism 09/27/09

JP: Japan launches probe of secret pacts with US 09/24/09

PH: Activist surrendered due to fear of NPA retaliation—military 09/24/09

PH: Rebels insist Philippines military have arrested wrong man 09/22/09

RU: Russia won't put missiles in Kaliningrad: Medvedev 09/25/09

TH: Plot by Thailand's Gen. Anupong, General Prayuth Chan-ocha, PM … 09/25/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


ID: Indonesian Vigilantes Prepare For Battle in Malaysia 09/25/09

IN: India Warns of Piracy by Terrorists 09/25/09

IN: Roguish bent of Indian Armed Forces 09/23/09

KS: Gunfights kill eight in Kashmir 09/23/09

MY: IGP: Internal threat more dangerous than external forces 09/22/09

NP: Nepalese Maoists, Islamists and South Asia 09/25/09

PH: Curbed in Towns, Philippines Islamists Take to the Forests 09/26/09

PH: Toll rises as Philippines steps up hunt for militants 09/22/09

Special Operations

AQ: US military to begin new Deep Freeze season 09/24/09

AU: Bombers complete long-range exercise with Australia 09/25/09

IN: Police arrest ex-sepoy, say he's ISI agent 09/22/09

KH: Cambodia to send 42 peacekeeping forces to Central African … 09/27/09

PH: Philippine soldiers to be sent to Jolo island 09/23/09

Security Forces

AA: Chinese and Indians square up – quietly 09/23/09

AU: Australia to boost support to Pakistan 09/25/09

CN: China at 60: Military marching lockstep with economic growth 09/26/09

CN: China Clamps Down on Internet Ahead of 60th Anniversary 09/25/09

CN: Military playing catch-up in modernization 09/22/09

JP: Russian observers to attend land-based military drills in Japan 09/24/09

KS: Strength of Security forces in Jammu & Kashmir 09/25/09

PH: Philippine military tackles Abu Sayyaf in troubled south 09/22/09

TH: Police shuts down largest pirate factory ops in Thailand 09/27/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: North and South Korea: We Want Reunification But They Don't Let Us 09/22/09

AA: Thai leader says US moving toward engaging Myanmar 09/22/09

CN: Beijing's Secret Succession Battle 09/24/09

CN: China, Brunei pledge further military exchanges 09/25/09

CN: Chinese DM meets senior military officials from Mongolia, Vietnam 09/24/09

IN: India Needs a Defence System Beyond Nuclear Weapons 09/27/09

LK: Lankan FM urges effective participation against terrorism 09/27/09


AA: Financial crisis driving child sex tourism 09/25/09

AA: Retired AF officer convicted in China spying case 09/25/09

AA: Sri Lankan Tamil sentenced by Dutch court for human smuggling 09/27/09

BD: Crime problem weighs on Bangladesh government 09/26/09

BD: Dhaka to try 4000 troopers for mutiny 09/26/09

CN: Anti-crime sweep smashes 1300 gangs in S China 09/25/09

CN: China lays first charges over Xinjiang riots 09/25/09

IN: Fake Indian currency detected in Delhi bank 09/25/09

MY: MALAYSIA: Gov't Urged to Stem the Tide of Child Trafficking 09/27/09

NP: Under UN pressure, Nepal to probe “disappearances” 09/26/09

TH: Rising crime by foreigners a cause for concern 09/27/09

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