SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 22 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Hezbollah may be seeking narco-terror ties 09/19/09

AA: Militarizing Latin America 09/17/09

AR: Daggers drawn in Argentine media fight 09/19/09

BR: US Military Presence in Colombia a Threat to Brazil and the Amazon 09/20/09

HN: How the US deepened the crisis in Honduras 09/17/09

VE: The mad adventures of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez 09/19/09

VE: Venezuela planning to target ‘drug’ planes 09/18/09

VE: Venezuela exhumes unnamed dead in riot investigation 09/21/09


CO: Colombian Armed Forces guarantee they can deter foreign attack 09/17/09

CO: One Wounded as Colombia Rebels Fire on Ambulance 09/22/09

CO: Three Indians Killed, One Wounded in Colombia 09/20/09

CO: UN says Colombia persecuting human rights workers 09/18/09

GT: Guatemala: An Important Source of Weapons 09/17/09

HN: Honduras military does not know about Zelaya 09/21/09

Special Operations

AA: PANAMAX 2009 Tests Peruvian Frigate’s Capabilities 09/19/09

HT: Kouchner: UN should stay in Haiti through election 09/18/09

Security Forces

BR: Brazil is not “a Venezuela that goes shopping in the world’s arms … 09/17/09

BR: French-built Eurocopter 725 to Brazil 09/21/09

CO: Colombian crackdown appears to be paying off 09/20/09

EC: US quits air base used in anti-drug operations 09/19/09

GT: Nearly 2 Tons of Cocaine Seized in Guatemala 09/22/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Brazil’s outreach to Guyana 09/19/09

AA: China’s Long March into Latin America 09/18/09

AA: Time to Confront Chavez 09/20/09

CO: Colombia suspends gas exports to Venezuela 09/17/09

CU: Russia moves to revamp Cuba military 09/18/09

EC: Ecuador cautious but willing to meet with Colombia 09/21/09

PY: Paraguay cancels US troops deal 09/18/09

SV: El Salvador: not the success Ricks thinks 09/21/09

VE: Energy key to Chavez armaments deal 09/21/09

VE: Venezuela’s Iran ties raise eyebrows 09/19/09


AA: Latin American drug cartels find home in West Africa 09/21/09

BO: Mennonite man killed by brethren 09/17/09

CO: Colombia extradites captured guerrilla to US 09/19/09

GT: Eight Slain in Guatemala 09/18/09

JM: Jamaica: 3 guilty in killing of police leader 09/18/09

JM: Police to submit file on missing soldier to the DPP 09/21/09

PE: Peru Battles Thriving Drug Trade 09/22/09

PE: Peru: opposition leader’s brother convicted 09/17/09

PE: Peruvian parents renting children to pornographers: Report 09/20/09

SV: El Salvador: Drug Trafficking, Violence 09/17/09

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