SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 29 September 2009


Hot Topics

BR: Brazil favors developing nuclear weapons for ‘respectability' 09/28/09


CO: Colombia finds 2 mass graves of peasants, rebels 09/25/09

CO: Colombia to compensate victims of paramilitary massacre 09/24/09

HN: Honduras refuses to allow 4 foreign ambassadors in the country 09/27/09

HN: Political Honduras' Ousted President Concerned Of Threat To His Life 09/24/09

JM: Jamaica Finally Makes Child Porn Specific Crime 09/24/09

JM: Solve crimes with more cameras 09/26/09

UY: Uruguayan economy becoming growingly Brazil dependent 09/25/09

VE: Venezuela Attempts Gun Control by Limiting Bullets 09/28/09

VE: Chavez: the phony warmonger 09/24/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


CO: Colombian rebels say will free two of 24 hostages 09/27/09

CO: Colombian rebels issue video of kidnapped soldier 09/24/09

Special Operations

AA: Joint Task Force Bravo in Action 09/28/09

CO: UK and US military seize 5.5 tons of cocaine off Colombian coast 09/28/09

Security Forces

AA: ICE touts $41 million cash seizure in Mexico, Colombia 09/28/09

BR: Brazil not to send troops to defend embassy in Honduras: official 09/29/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Caribbean promised help tackling crime and climate change 09/28/09

AA: Ecuador and Colombia to Start Talks Aimed at Normalizing Relations 09/28/09

AA: Iran's Relations With Brazil Have ‘No Limits,' Ahmadinejad Says 09/24/09

AA: Latin leaders urge US to lift Cuba embargo 09/27/09

AA: US Bases Centre of New Latin America Struggle 09/28/09

AA: US, Mexico uneasy allies in the Drug Wars 09/28/09

CO: Colombia, Ecuador Officials Work to Restore Diplomatic Ties 09/25/09

CO: Sebastian Castaneda: Consolidation of US military presence in … 09/27/09

CR: Costa Rican calls on UN Security Council to “make good on the … 09/24/09

VE:  Chavez promotes closer Africa-South America ties 09/28/09


AA: 12 charged in NY with Colombia terrorism link 09/28/09

AR: Argentina to extradite ‘death flights' Dutch pilot 09/24/09

CO: Colombian air force pilots sentenced to 31 years for murder in … 09/26/09

GT: Guatemalan arrests may confirm police-criminal links 09/24/09

HT: Haiti: UN peacekeeping mission condemns shooting of judge 09/28/09

PE: Peru's Fujimori admits to corruption 09/28/09

SV: Salvadoran Trafficker Sentenced in Case of Missing Migrants 09/25/09

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