SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 8 September 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Thousands rally against Chavez 09/05/09

BO: Morales Draws High Electoral Support in Bolivia 09/03/09

GD: Former deputy prime minister of Grenada to be freed after serving … 09/04/09

CO: Colombia shows videos of hostages held 11 years 09/07/09

CO: Colombia wants former rebels to help clear mines 09/03/09

VE: Is the Associated Press in Venezuela a Religion? 09/03/09

PE: Peru: VRAE populace rejects “combat zone” 09/06/09

CU: Fidel Castro says he and Oliver Stone spoke of Bush “horrors” 09/03/09

EC: Ecuador judge, Chevron dispute secret recordings 09/02/09

VE: Preparing the ground for military aggression against Venezuela … 09/05/09

VE: Venezuela is now the single most important economic actor in the … 09/06/09

HT: UN: Haiti has `historic opportunity' to progress 09/04/09


BR: Trauma of life in one of Brazil's most violent slums 09/05/09

CO: Colombian Indians Flee After Massacre 09/04/09

CO:  Colombia's rebels step up a brutal tactic 09/06/09

CO: Neoliberalism Needs Death Squads in Colombia 09/03/09

HN: Honduran Front Strengthens Structures 09/07/09

VE: Venezuela Killing Goes on as 451 Slain in Caracas 09/04/09

Special Operations

AA: Proud Warriors Play Host To Army Blackhawks 09/02/09

CO: 1.2 tons of cocaine seized in Caribbean Sea 09/02/09

PE: Peru rescues eight soldiers wounded by rebels 09/04/09

PE: Peruvian Army Recovers Bodies of 3 Soldiers Killed by Guerrillas 09/06/09

Security Forces

AA: Border Patrol apprehends 5 Dominican aliens after landing in Cabo Rojo 09/02/09

BR: Brazil to buy 36 fighter jets from France 09/08/09

CO: Colombian Authorities Arrest Leader of New Paramilitary Group 09/08/09

GT: Illegal chemicals seized in Guatemala 09/08/09

HN: Secrets of the Honduran Armed Forces 09/07/09

NI: Nicaraguan police hand over MS-13 boss to Interpol in Managua 09/05/09

PE: Peru devoting $191 mn to battle jungle drug trade 09/04/09

SV: El Salvador boosts national police to fight crimes 09/08/09

Foreign Affairs

CO: FARC ask UNASUR to push political solution for Colombia's violent … 09/07/09

CO: Uribe to be heard by State Council on US forces in Colombia 09/07/09

HN: Another Baby Step on Honduras 09/04/09

HN: Pre and Post-Coup Honduras 09/07/09

HT: Haiti: Calls mount to free Lavalas activist 09/04/09


AA: Gangs are the heart of violent crime in Salvador, Central America 09/03/09

AA: Is America ready to admit defeat in its 40-year war on drugs? 09/05/09

BZ: Economist's pocket book says Belize is world murder capital 09/07/09

CL: Pinochet-era secret forces arrest ordered 09/03/09

CO: Police arrest mayor in killing of Colombian journalist 09/04/09

DO: Haitian Kills Dominican for Selling Him Dog Meat 09/02/09

GT: Gunmen kill five Guatemalan prison officials 09/08/09

SV: Journalist slain in El Salvador 09/04/09

VE: Deadly force: Venezuela's police have become a law unto themselves 09/06/09

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