AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 05 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: SA slips in governance ratings 10/01/09

GN: Thousands of people have gathered at a mosque in Guinea's capital … 10/02/09

MG: Madagascar says consensus government not viable 10/04/09

NG: Nigeria rebel disarms under amnesty 10/04/09

SO: Somali gunmen release 3 foreign aid workers 10/03/09

SO: Somalia: Harakat Al-Shabab Mujahideen Forces Closes Down Local FM … 10/01/09

UG: Uganda: EU Suspends Funding to AU Peacekeepers 10/02/09

ZA: A bad week for South Africa 10/04/09

ZM: Zambia: China's Success Story – Myth Or Reality? 10/02/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Angola, DRC and Congo deport illegal immigrants 09/30/09

CF: CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: The LRA – not finished yet 10/01/09

GN: Foreign gunmen helped Guinea crackdown – witnesses 10/02/09

NG: Nigeria… The Worrisome State of Insecurity 10/04/09

SD: 16 killed in clashes in south Sudan oil region: army 10/03/09

SN: Rebels in Senegal have killed six soldiers in the south of the … 10/03/09

SO: Civilian Casualties Mount in Somalia 10/02/09

SO: Somali Islamists, Government Clash Near Ethiopia Border, AP Says 09/28/09

SO: Somali pirates hijack Spanish fishing vessel 10/02/09

SO: Somalia: Islamists Impose Curfiew in Beledweyn Town 10/02/09

UG: Uganda Government News: Uganda security forces accused of killing … 10/02/09

UG: Uganda riots death toll rises to 27 09/30/09

Special Operations

AA: 12 Southern African Nations Exercise New Standby Force 10/04/09

CD: Congo peacekeepers kill seven rebels in east–UN 09/30/09

SO: Somali piracy on the rise 09/30/09

Security Forces

AA: Uganda wants Somalia mandate to be reviewed 09/30/09

DZ: Algeria seeks European stealth frigates 10/02/09

ET: Ethiopia says no rebel risk to Ogaden oil search 10/01/09

KE: Kenya security chiefs meet 10/01/09

KE: Kenya spy chief's tips to the police 10/03/09

SN: Senegalese army combing Casamance after attack 10/03/09

ZM: Sudan: 345 Soldiers Leave for Sudan Tour of Duty 10/01/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Kinshasa Denies Undermining Madagascar Government 09/30/09

DZ: National reconciliation moves forward in Algeria 10/01/09

ER: Aboul Gheit and Omar Suleiman in Eritrea 10/02/09

LR: Liberia demands ECOWAS meeting on Guinea 10/02/09

LY: Libya, Iran Accuse Israel of ‘Genocide' at UN Human Rights Council 09/30/09

SD: Sudan Party Nominates Bashir as Candidate for 2010 Vote 10/05/09

SO: President Calls for More Aid in US Visit 10/01/09

ZA: Close Zuma ally named as new intelligence boss 10/02/09


AA: BAE Faces Corruption Charges 10/01/09

AO: Fans warned on Africa Cup travel 09/30/09

KE: Once a model, Kenya now tainted by corruption, crime 09/30/09

KE: Police ‘unable to probe cyber crime' 10/03/09

KE: Q+A-Kenya violence leaders may face ICC trial 10/01/09

LR: Liberia: Taylor Calls Prosecution Allegations Against Him Racist 10/01/09

NG: Spate of Robberies Rock Southeast Nigeria 09/30/09

NG: 27 year old man killed by police 10/03/09

RW: Rwanda: Ndahimana Arraigned, Pleads Not Guilty 09/30/09

ZA: Graft trial of former chief of police in South Africa begins 10/05/09

ZA: The police are part of SA's crime problem 10/04/09

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