AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 12 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Agriculture needs billions of dollars by 2050: UN agency, 10/08/2009

AA: EAC militaries, US command set to stage joint war games, 10/10/2009

AA: Mideast oil exporters' foreign reserves to rise: IMF, 10/11/2009

AA: Obama and the Nobel Prize: When War becomes Peace, When the Lie becomes the Truth, 09/11/2009

AA: Scientists join forces to explain HIV spread in central and east Africa, 10/08/2009

DZ: Physicist exchanged e-mails with al-Qaida contact, 10/11/2009

KE: Why Kenya matters to the west, 10/13/2009

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Spectre of coups haunts both Africa and Latin America, 10/09/2009

GN: Moussa Dadis Camara: A man who plunged Guinea into chaos, 10/11/2009

MG: Q+A-Is Madagascar's crisis coming to an end?, 10/07/2009

NE: Insecurity, not greed, breed corruption, 10/12/2009

NG: Nigeria heading towards a failed state…, 10/08/2009

SO: Somaliland stability ‘under threat', 10/08/2009

YE: U.N. urges truce in Yemen fighting to deliver aid, 10/11/2009

Special Operations

AA: Are Eagles Descending on Africa soon?, 10/10/2009

GN: Guinea: African Union, Ecowas Must Help End Human Rights Abuses, 10/07/2009

SO: ‘Best hope' for Somalia, 10/11/2009

Security Forces

DZ: 13 killed in Algerian desert, 10/11/2009

GN: Watchdog Wants Halt to Guinea Arms Sales, 10/09/2009

KE: Saitoti: Kenyans not rearming for 2012, 10/07/2009

SO: France will train 3,000 Somali Security Forces, 10/10/2009

SO: Somali Police Prepare for Wave of Suicide Attacks in Mogadishu, 10/08/2009

SO: UN: Somali government has rebuffed coup threat, 10/07/2009


UG: Uganda: Security Forces Detain Somali Minister, 10/06/2009

Foreign Affairs

AA: AECOM wins Africa peacekeeping contract worth up to US$375 million, 10/06/2009

AA: African nuns tell Vatican they want more influence, 10/09/2009

AA: Draft foreign policy: No point trying to reach permanent peace agreement, 10/07/2009

ER: Britain calls for sanctions against Eritrea, 10/09/2009

GH: Cnooc, Exxon Vying for Stake in Ghana Field, 10/13/2009

GN: Guinea leaders ‘cannot remain in power': Clinton, 10/06/2009

NA: Namibia: Country Scores High On Governance, 10/06/2009

SO: UN: little pledged aid paid up for Somali security, 10/08/2009

ZA: Israeli security expert helping South Africa make 2010 World Cup safe, 10/11/2009


NG: Nigerian Crime Unit to Question More Sacked Bank CEOs, 10/07/2009

ZA: White South African wins visa over crime fear, 10/08/2009

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