AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 26 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: AFRICOM: Just another Western tool of de facto colonization 10/23/09

BW: Botswana elects first female Speaker 10/21/09

CD: DRC foils coup 10/21/09

DJ: Djibouti Rejects Alleged Destabilization Role in Somalia 10/21/09

GM: Gambia: State Guards Commander Demoted, Dismissed 10/22/09

GN: Expat mining execs flee Guinea on security concern 10/25/09

NG: MEND declares indefinite ceasefire 10/25/09

NG: Nigeria: Government must arrest Sudanese President during visit 10/23/09

SO: Somalia: Al Shabab militants close down media 10/21/09

UG: Uganda: Museveni tasks AU Summit on Refugees, IDPs 10/23/09

ZW: Zimbabwe: Diaspora – Two Sides of the Coin 10/22/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces,  Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Al-Shabab Threatens Uganda, Burundi 10/23/09

AA: Somalia's Shabaab Mustn't Export Their War 10/23/09

CD: Nkunda loyalists in army warn of return to war 10/25/09

CF: Children bearing brunt of Central African Republic's troubles, says UNICEF offic 10/21/09

DZ: Algeria: Security Clampdown Conflicts With Bouteflika's Aims 10/22/09

DZ: Seven security guards shot dead in Algeria 10/23/09

ET: Ethiopia: ONLF Claims Victory Over Fighting With the Ethiopian Troops 10/21/09

ET: 1984 famine in Ethiopia to repeat itself 10/23/09

SD: LRA kill five people in South Sudan's Raja County 10/22/09

SO: Islamist rebels in Somalia execute two for “spying” 10/25/09

SO: Somali government, insurgents vow escalation 10/23/09

UG: Uganda: ADF Rebels Set to Strike, Says Official 10/21/09

Special Operations

MA: NATO and Morocco Sign Agreement on Non-NATO Con… 10/23/09

NG: Nigeria To Deploy More Resources To Peace Initiatives 10/24/09

UG: EAC states, US joint military exercise ends in northern Uganda 10/26/09

Security Forces

AA: US drones protecting ships from Somali pirates 10/23/09

CD: MONUC continues to assist the DRC in the reinforcement of the rule of law 10/21/09

CD: China, DRC seek to further military ties 10/21/09

KE: Never ending war between Turkana and Sudanese 10/21/09

KE: Somali General Confirms Kenya Recruiting Soldiers 10/23/09

ML: US to give Mali equipment for military forces 10/21/09

SC: Pirate-hemmed Seychelles to deploy troops on remote isles 10/22/09

SD: South Sudan army free 46 Darfurians abducted by LRA rebels 10/26/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Rwanda, DRC mending ties 10/26/09

AA: Zimbabwe must not be allowed to return to instability: safrica 10/21/09

CF: United Nations Mission in Central African Republic, Chad continues to build … 10/22/09

GM: Gambian president urges ceasefire 10/22/09

GN: China-Guinea deal highlights Africa business ties 10/24/09

KE: Kenya set for major reforms 10/23/09

LY: Libya Fuels North African ‘Arms Race' 10/21/09

NG: Nigeria: Security Council Victory at the UN 10/23/09

SD: US Again Seeks Sudan's Help 10/22/09

ZA: South Africa: A Difficult Partnership – The United States and South Africa 10/23/09


AA: Malta's migration route turns from human to cocaine and heroin trafficking 10/25/09

AA: Internet giants join forces to beat Nigerian e-mail scams 10/26/09

CD: Rape used as weapon in DR Congo war 10/22/09

KE: Kenya police kill kidnap suspects 10/22/09

NG: Nigeria: NDLEA Arrests Youth Corper for Cocaine Trafficking 10/21/09

SO: Panama ship hijacked off Somalia 10/22/09

SO: Somalia court gives pirates jail terms 10/26/09

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