CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 1 October 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Fighting for a common cause 09/28/09

AA:  Israel to Free 20 For Video of Soldier 10/01/09

AF: Afghanistan's people have advice for U.S. 10/01/09

IQ:  U.S. Drone Strikes Office of Sunni Party in Iraq's North 09/26/09

IR:  US officials: Digging, clues revealed Iranian site 09/28/09

KG: Kyrgyz Activists Alarmed By Call For Death Penalty, Public Executions 09/25/09

KG: Kyrgyzstan: Bakyt Beshimov does not recognize the legitimacy of … 09/29/09

LB: Hezbollah Prepared to Hold the US Hostage 09/25/09

PK:  In Pakistan's Swat valley, volunteers form anti-Taliban militias 09/30/09

PK:  Video Showing Mehsud's Dead Body Surfaces 09/30/09

SA: Extremists in Saudi Arabia Set Fire to Culture Club to Prevent … 09/30/09

SA:  Qaeda roping in women 10/01/09

YE:  Former Gitmo detainee killed in shootout 09/30/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Activation of militant groups in Afghanistan can bring dangers to … 09/25/09

AA: Anger in Lebanon over Israel's actions at Al-Aqsa mosque 09/28/09

AF:  Afghan Suicide Bomber Strikes Foreign Convoy 09/30/09

AF:  U.S. ‘Copter Forced Down By Rocket In Afghanistan 10/01/09

IQ: Bombings Across Iraq Kill 15, Wound Dozens 09/28/09

IR: Iran Test-Fires Its Most Advanced Missiles 09/28/09

PK:  Game over for Pakistani Taleban? 10/01/09

PK:  Pakistan blasts show Taliban's ability to strike 09/27/09

PS: Palestinian Jihad vows revenge from Israel while backing inter … 09/26/09

SA:  Al Qaeda Bombers Learn from Drug Smugglers 09/28/09

SA:  Body bomb used in Saudi attack ‘invisible' to normal detection 09/26/09

YE: Yemen: humanitarian crisis in the north and growing arrivals by sea 09/29/09

YE:  Yemeni Military Says Dozens Killed in Fighting With Rebels 09/28/09

YE:  Yemen's Qaeda wing seeks donations in Saudi Arabia 09/27/09

Special Operations

AA: Al-Qaeda Hobbled by Improved Anti-Terror, Intelligence Efforts 09/29/09

KZ: Interaction-2009 military maneuvers kick off in Khazakstan 09/30/09

KZ: Participation of Armenian air forces in exercises in Kazakhstan … 09/26/09

KZ: Steppe Eagle Fosters Relationships, Increases Interoperability 09/25/09

Security Forces

AA: Police, MDA on high alert for Yom Kippur 09/27/09

AF:  Afghan police detain Taliban shadow governor of Bamyan 09/30/09

IQ: Iraqi security forces recapture two al-Qaida-affiliated escaped …09/26/09

IQ:  Odierno: US to Withdraw 4,000 More Troops from Iraq 09/30/09

PK:  Taliban leader's brother ‘killed' 10/01/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Possibility of a Nuclear-Armed Iran Alarms Arabs 09/30/09

IQ:  Unity Is Rallying Cry Ahead of Iraq Elections 10/01/09

IR:  Iran will allow UN to inspect nuclear site 09/27/09

KZ: Kazakhstan, China pledge to strengthen ties 09/25/09

LB: Lebanon can benefit from Syrian-Turkish union: head of Beirut … 09/27/09

PK: Saudi Arabia gives $100mln aid to Pakistan 09/25/09

SY:  US invites Syrian official, rapproachement “slow” 09/27/09

YE: US, Arabs support Yemeni crackdown on Shias09/26/09


AA: Islamist ex-baggage handler jailed for terror book 09/25/09

AA: Terrorist networks, narcotics groups increasingly aligned 09/30/09

PK:  Taliban leader arrested in Pakistan 09/30/09

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