CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 22 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Cyber warfare: Sound the alarm or move ahead in stride? 10/21/09

AA: Iranian strike inside Pakistan a distant option: analysts 10/22/09

AA: Saudi-Iranian hostility hits boiling point 10/20/09

AE: UAE Attorney General calls for Arab coordination to combat crimes 10/20/09

AF: Brown Goes Wobbly on Afghanistan 10/21/09

AF: Italian troops denied access to intelligence reports, minister says 10/19/09

AF: US forces prepare for Afghan runoff vote 10/22/09

IR: Iran MPs demand action on Mousavi 10/20/09


LB: Lebanese Forces and Al-Qaeda are restructuring their cells. 10/19/09

PK: BNP and the armed forces: a colour-blind military is the best defence 10/20/09

YE: Armed Forces To End Saada War Soon 10/20/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Disrupting the Foreign Fighter Flow 10/20/09

AA: Taliban Build Multi-Million Dollar Insurgent Operation, Complicating US Efforts 10/19/09

AA: Terror at doorstep: PM tells forces to stay alert 10/20/09

AF: New battleground in N Afghanistan? 10/19/09

AF: Militants deepen their foothold in Afghanistan's north 10/22/09

AF: Three US soldiers, 25 Taliban dead in Afghanistan 10/17/09

LB: Israel may have planted spy gear in Lebanon: U.N. 10/18/09

SA: Saudi concern rises over Al Qaeda activity in Yemen 10/19/09

YE: Yemen could become first nation to run out of water 10/20/09

YE: Yemen insurgents say Saudi forces fired at border town10/19/09

Special Operations

AA: IDF, US army simulate Iran missile attack 10/22/09

AA: Live fire training dangerous but essential 10/21/09

EG: Coalition Partners Participate in Friendship Jump Over Egypt 10/20/09

LB: Lebanese security forces conduct series of anti-terrorism maneuvers 10/22/09

Security Forces

AA: Israeli police arrest convicted American pedophile 10/21/09

AF: Afghanistan very hard, but hope exists-Canada army 10/21/09

AF: Security forces kill 8 militants in S Afghanistan 10/18/09

IQ: ISF arrest suspected father, son terrorists 10/21/09

IR: Iran arrests suspects in attack on military chiefs 10/20/09

PK: CID arrests 3 more TTP men 10/20/09

PK: Pakistan forces ‘hit Taliban bases' 10/21/09

TJ: ‘Militants' hunted in Tajikistan 10/19/09

YE: Tight security after guns seizure in eastern Yemen 10/17/09

YE: Yemeni army kills 18 rebels 10/18/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Ministers of Internal Affairs of Turkmenistan and Russia sign protocol on … 10/19/09

AE: UAE seeks to widen economic ties with Japan 10/19/09

AE: UAE urges UN to implement “Goldstone Recommendations” Report 10/21/09

EG: Egypt opposition tries to rebound 10/21/09

KZ: Kazakhstan: The opposition forces organized demonstration in Almaty 10/20/09

LB: Lebanese president accuses Israel of spying 10/20/09

PK: Pakistan Pledges to Destroy Any Terrorist Camps on Iran Border 10/20/09

PS: Hamas denies approving Egypt's unity proposal 10/21/09

YE: EC supports Yemen in combating organized crime 10/19/09


AA: Cyber Crime Investigation Nets 100 Suspects in US, Egypt 10/20/09

AA: Afghan opium feeding Europe, Russia, Iran addicts 10/21/09

AA: British soldier attached to special forces faces war crimes probe 10/17/09

AF: Afghanistan drug trail spanning the world 10/22/09

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