CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 29 Oct 2009


Hot Topics

AA: Russia says has not supplied S-300 missiles to Iran 10/28/09

AA: Iran, Egypt cooperation creates difficult situation for Israel: Ahmadinejad 10/28/09

AA: Why India should worry about the turmoil in Pakistan 10/27/09

AF: Pentagon pressed on Afghanistan IEDs 10/29/09

AF: Afghans protest rumored desecration of Koran by US troops 10/25/09

EG: Is this the man to follow Mubarak as Egypt’s next president? 10/29/09

IQ: Science aims to beat Iraq crime 10/26/09

KZ: International expert considers Kazakhstan a suitable country for hosting … 10/28/09

PK: Pakistan fights back 10/26/09

PS: Analysis: New fundamentalist movements on the rise in Gaza 10/28/09

PS: Opportunities Fade Amid Sense of Isolation in Gaza 10/26/09

SA: Journalist spared lashes by Saudi king 10/26/09

SY: Syria Seeks to Bring Additional Pressure Down on Israel 10/27/09

YE: Yemen Using al Qaeda as Mercenaries in War, Rebels Claim 10/27/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Saudis and Iran in pre-Hajj tensions 10/28/09

AF: Amid political chaos, deadly day for US in Afghanistan 10/26/09

AF: Blasts kill 8 troops, interpreter 10/28/09

IQ: Baghdad attacks stir fears of Sunni violence 10/27/09

IQ: Iraq beefs up security in Baghdad after bombings 10/27/09

LB: Worries grow in still-rudderless Lebanon 10/28/09

PK: Pakistan offensive death toll to 227: military 10/26/09

PK: Pakistan’s ‘fanatical’ Uzbek militants 10/29/09

YE: Two Yemeni Soldiers Killed In Ambush In South 10/25/09

YE: Saudis being dragged into Yemen war 10/29/09

YE: Yemen: Regional instability worsens as government pursues insurgents 10/28/09

Security Forces

AA: Israel increasing military build-up near Lebanon 10/25/09

AA: India Withdraws Some Kashmir Troops In Peace Gesture 10/29/09

AA: Search conducted near Beit Shean after report of Jordanian aircraft 10/29/09

KG: Kyrgyzstan: Why did French and Spanish military withdraw from Manas airbase? 10/27/09

PK: Eleven Iranian soldiers detained in Pakistan. 10/27/09

PK: US backs Pakistani military campaign in Waziristan 10/28/09

TJ: Top US general holds talks with Tajikistan president 10/26/09

YE: Boatload of Iranian arms seized off Yemen: reports 10/26/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Israel wants Italy to remain head of UNIFIL 10/29/09

AA: Lay off Iran’s nukes, Turkish leader says 10/28/09

AA: Barak: Peace with Syria is central to regional agreement 10/28/09

AA: Israeli ties with key players in Mideast worsening 10/27/09

EG: PM: “Don’t worry” over Egypt succession 10/27/09

EG: US impeded in democracy efforts for Egypt 10/28/09

IQ: Kurds snub parliament vote on Iraqi election law 10/29/09

IQ: Iraq hearings ‘must be in public’ 10/28/09

IR: Iran Adds Caveat to Nuclear Cooperation Deal 10/29/09

KZ: Kazakhstan Hosts Conference in Preparation for OSCE Chairmanship 10/27/09

UZ: Europe stoops to conquer the Uzbeks 10/29/09


YE: Death sentences for Yemen fighters 10/27/09

EG: Egypt court postpones hearing for ‘Hizbullah cell’ 10/25/09

AA: US Speeds Aid to Pakistan to Fight Taliban 10/28/09

AA: India rules out military involvement in Afghanistan 10/28/09

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