CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 8 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Hamas denies return of Abbas troops to Gaza under Egyptian-brokered deal 10/03/09

AA: Iraq releases Iranian dissidents 10/07/09

AA: Central Asia: Developing Armies Of The Underprivileged? 10/04/09

AA: Engaging the Arab World on the Iran Nuclear Crisis 10/05/09

EG: EGYPT: Cleric calls for ‘Friday of anger’ against Al Aqsa violations 10/06/09

EG: Egyptian guard dies on Israeli border 10/04/09

IR: Iran names new militia commander who UN sanctioned 10/05/09

IR: ‘Iran’s military gains not a threat to neighbours’ 10/06/09

JO: Jordan wants to limit Temple Mount access 10/06/09

PK: Minister vows Pakistan committed to terror war 10/06/09

PK: Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Says Taliban in Disarray 10/08/09

TJ: Tajikistan to get Central Asia’s largest mosque 10/05/09

YE: High on qat, Yemeni troops battle Shiite rebels 10/06/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Prepare to fight China, Qaeda figure tells Uighurs 10/07/09

AA: Increase in Terror Threat from Gaza, Lebanon 10/08/09

AF: In Afghanistan, US Troops Target Haqqani 10/05/09

AF: US: insurgents breached base during Kamdesh battle 10/07/09

IQ: Truck Bomb Kills 9 in Western Iraq 10/06/09

PK: Pakistan braces for more bombings 10/06/09

YE: At least 34 killed in north Yemen clashes 10/03/09

YE: Arab League chief discusses unrest with Yemen 10/06/09

YE: Dozens killed in fresh Yemen clashes 10/07/09

Special Operations

AF: 17 militants killed, illicit drug seized in S Afghanistan 10/18/09

IR: Ahwazi Organization: Iran is Planning to Attack the Gulf Countries; Iran is … 10/06/09

IR: Iran has spies in the Gulf, agent claims 10/06/09

KZ: Kazakhstan conducts large-scale exercise in Caspian 10/06/09

LB: UN peacekeepers monitor the truce in southern Lebanon 10/03/09

Security Forces

AA: Saudis bargain with Russia over Iran missile deal 10/03/09

AF: Afghan ambassador for extra forces 10/07/09

AF: Military’s Mini-Monster Truck Arrives in Afghanistan 10/06/09

IQ: Iraqi security forces strain budget, PM says 10/08/09

KG: Kyrgyz May Allow France and Spain to Use US Air Base 10/05/09

LB: Lebanese Claim UAE Tourists are Jihadi Terrorists 10/07/09

PK: Pakistan forces kill 9 militants in Swat valley 10/04/09

PK: Top Swat Taliban commander killed: Pakistan army 10/07/09

PK: Pakistan’s military rejects US aid bill 10/07/09

PK: Tahir Yuldashev confirmed killed in US strike in South Waziristan 10/04/09

QA: GCC police body to track drugs, crime10/04/09

YE: Yemeni Government Seizes Houthi Rebels’ Cache 10/06/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan sign a set of accords 10/03/09

AA: FACTBOX: Issues dividing Syria and Saudi Arabia 10/07/09

AA: NATO Urges Russia to Help Equip, Train Afghan Forces 10/07/09

AE: ANALYSIS-UAE could spur regional nuclear power rush 10/05/09

AF: Afghan President’s Running Mate Poised for a Political Comeback 10/05/09

KG: Kyrgyzstan, Russia negotiate over 2nd Russian military base 10/06/09

KZ: France, Kazakhs ink military transit, energy deals 10/06/09

LB: Analysis: Syria seen regaining its influence in Lebanon 10/05/09

PK: Britain to Help Pakistan Set Up Security Authority 10/06/09

TM: Turkmenistan Calls for Friendship, Cooperation in Caspian Sea 10/03/09


AA: Agents arrest dozens for theft scheme in US, Egypt 10/08/09

AA: Two Lebanese jailed for Baku plot 10/05/09

KG: MP: Kyrgyzstan steeped in crime 10/08/09

LB: Lebanon sentences 3 over plot to kill Libyan premier 10/03/09

LB: Lebanon Arrests 8 Suspects after Stabbing and Assaults 10/08/09

QA: ‘Lack of data hampering fight against drug trade’ 10/05/09

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