EUCOM Week in Review Ending 14 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Debating the dragon-bear duet 10/13/09

AA: Iran to ‘blow up the heart of Israel' if attacked 10/09/09

AA: EU should tell Czechs enough is enough 10/13/09

BA: Diplomats Downplay Immediate Hopes on Bosnia Talks 10/09/09

BG: Right-wingers to back GERB's Fandukova to be mayor of Sofia 10/13/09

GE: Is Georgia Safe From Terrorism? 10/11/09

IL: Israelis may stay home to avoid arrest in Europe 10/13/09

IL: Israel – Summary of editorials from the Hebrew press 10/12/09

IL: Report: Israel military's West Bank probe drags on 10/12/09

RS: Serbia expects positive report on white Schengen 10/13/09

RU: Hillary Clinton brings US peace tour to Moscow 10/12/09

RU: Russia reserves pre-emptive nuclear strike right 10/13/09

TR: Turkey Denies Cancelling Military Drill Over Israeli Participation 10/12/09

UA: Ukraine – NSDC should give adequate assessment of the situation in the army … 10/13/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Political instability not helping E. Europe-Nowotny 10/13/09

AA: Thousands of foreign fighters from Chechnya to Albania have poured into … 10/10/09

AA: Balkan developments: Clouds in a blue sky 10/13/09

AA: Ukraine fears for its future as Moscow muscles in on Crimea 10/10/09

AM: Armenian Armed Forces break ceasefire 10/11/09

IL: Israeli police, Arab protesters clash in E Jerusalem 10/09/09

IL: Israel: Lebanon turning blind eye to Hezbollah arms 10/14/09

Special Operations

AA: Prime Minister Observes Bulgarian, US Combined Training 10/09/09

HR: Special operations forces gather in Croatia for multinational training 10/13/09

IL: Israel, U.S. to hold anti-missile drill next week 10/12/09

RU: UN to sign cooperation deal with post-Soviet security group 10/14/09

Security Forces

AA: French military fire on pirates in Indian Ocean 10/10/09

AA: India – Russia Military Deal To Be Signed 10/09/09

AA: Palestinian Support Wanes for American-Trained Forces 10/14/09

AA: Representatives of Azerbaijani Armed Forces to participate in NATO events 10/09/09

AZ: Azerbaijani defense ministry comments on reports about Armenian armed forces … 10/09/09

BG: Bulgaria Top Military Plant VMZ Sopot Heavily in Debt to State 10/11/09

ES: Spain police move against ETA's political wing 10/14/09

IL: Israel to join NATO Mediterranean patrols 10/13/09

RS: Miletic and Papakostas on military cooperation of Serbia and Cyprus 10/13/09

RS: Serbian police raid ex-home of war crimes suspect 10/09/09

UA: Ukraine holds naval exercises in Crimea 10/08/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Ten Turkish ministers head to Syria 10/12/09

AA: US makes little progress with Russia over Iran's nukes. 10/13/09

AA: Armenia, Russian Presidents discussed CSTO and CRRF 10/12/09

AA: Russian, Armenian leaders to discuss trade, military cooperation 10/11/09

AA: Turkey to send Armenia accord to parliament next week 10/12/09

DE: FACTBOX-German parties negotiate coalition policies 10/13/09


RS: Russians coming to prepare for Medvedev visit 10/13/09

TR: Turkey urges EU, NATO to open door for Balkans 10/09/09


BG: Bulgaria Organized Crime Unit Interrogates Levski FC Owner 10/09/09

BY: Gypsy laborer faces execution in Belarus 10/13/09

DE: Internet Crime On The Rise In Germany 10/12/09

ES: Spain Arraigns Somalis Suspected of Piracy 10/13/09

IL: Police Chief defends crackdown on Israel crime families 10/11/09

NL: Appeals panel rejects Karadzic immunity claim 10/13/09

RS: Hunt for Serb fugitives intensifies 10/12/09

RU: Top Russian mobster dies after July sniper attack 10/11/09

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