EUCOM Week in Review Ending 27 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: European Statebuilding Through Hard And Soft Power 10/25/09

AA: Gaddafi: Disarm Israel or let Arabs develop nukes 10/26/09

AA: In the Cybersecurity War, Collaboration Is Key 10/26/09

AA: Iran plans to file ‘gas complaint’ against Turkey 10/24/09

AA: More diplomatic confusion between US and Poland 10/27/09

BY: Crime prevention is among priorities of Belarus’ domestic policy 10/23/09

IL: Israel military to punish soldiers for pro-settler protest 10/23/09

KV: Kosovo kicks off media campaign to improve image 10/26/09

RS: Serbia’s mixed feelings 10/27/09

RU: Kremlin warns against wrecking Russia with democracy 10/26/09

RU: Russia carefully studies new US missile defense plan 10/23/09

TR: Turkey now aligns with Iran, against Israel 10/27/09

TR: We have seen what “peace” in Turkey’s terms means: Gibrahayer 10/23/09

UK: UK activists seek arrest of Israeli officers 10/27/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


DK:  Denmark expects more arrests in anti-terror plot 11/27/09

IL: Israel accused of denying Palestinians access to water 10/26/09

IL: Lebanon: Rocket Strikes Israel 10/27/09

KV: US: High tensions after declaration of Kosovo’s independence 10/27/09

LT: Lithuania rotates Afghanistan troops 10/26/09

RU: Opposition figure in Ingushetia is killed 10/25/09

TR: Tensions Between Turkey and the West Increase 10/27/09

Special Operations

AM: Armenia Attends NATO Meeting On Afghanistan 10/23/09

IL: US-Israel drill may shape European missile shield 10/27/09

Security Forces

CZ: Czech police accuse 18 extremists 10/23/09

DE: German Limits on War Face Afghan Reality 10/26/09

DK:  Denmark expects more arrests in anti-terror plot 11/27/09

LT: Lithuania rotates Afghanistan troops 10/26/09

RU: Medvedev calls for defense modernization speed-up 10/26/09

RU: Russian parliament approves bill for easier foreign military moves 10/23/09

TR: Turkish Troops Kill 5 Kurdish Rebels 10/27/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Bulgaria, Romania: US, NATO Bases For War In The East 10/24/09

AA: Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov Meets with Ukrainian … 10/26/09

AA: Austria extends term of int’l peacekeeping mission in Kosovo, Bosnia 10/28/09

AA: Lithuania – Troika of the Community of Democracies appeals to Burma/Myanmar to … 10/27/09

AA: Pallam Raju holds talks with Belarus Defence Minister 10/26/09

AL: Geopolitical and Diplomatic Intelligence 10/27/09

AL: Albanian cabinet backs investigations against lawmakers, ministers 10/26/09

IL: Israel vows to persist with espionage efforts in Lebanon 10/26/09

IL: Israel’s Barak faces party revolt over peace deadlock 10/27/09

RS: Medvedev Exploits Past-Oriented Nationalism in Belgrade 10/27/09

RU: Ex-US diplomat: Russia balks at zero nuke talks 10/27/09

RU: Russia to continue military cooperation with Iran 10/23/09

TR: Turkish official urges Kurdish rebels to surrender 10/23/09


AA: Croatia, Serbia indict eight for publisher’s killing 10/26/09

AA: Kashmiri, Lashkar-e-Taiba operatives aided 2 Americans in foiled Danish terror … 10/27/09

AA: RIA Novosti: FBI puts crime boss Mogilevich on 10 most wanted list 10/24/09

AL: Albania steps up fight against organized crime 10/26/09

AL: Albanian man kept two daughters chained for 22 years 10/27/09

CZ: Czech Republic: army link to neo-Nazi terror plot seen 10/27/09

CZ: Respekt: Czechs do not want to do away with corruption 10/27/09

IL: Israel mulls Gaza probes review 10/26/09

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