EUCOM Week in Review Ending 7 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Mubarak urges Israel to resume peace talks 10/04/09

AA: Old dispute could yet upset Armenia, Turkey peace 10/06/09

CZ: The Czech Year of Adjustments 10/02/09

GE: An Invasion by Any Other Name 10/06/09

IL: Lieberman wants ‘new Israeli foreign policy' 10/07/09

IL: UN report has Israeli officers concerned they could be arrested abroad 10/05/09

IT: Citizen patrols hit Italy streets 10/06/09

KV: War on crime a world away 10/05/09

RU: Russia to boost energy efficiency 10/05/09

RU: Three Reasons Why Russia's Police Remain Unreformed 10/06/09

TR: Turkey: Protestors burn Israeli flag 10/05/09

UA: Ukraine – Western Ukrainian intelligentsia calls on politicians to support … 10/02/09

UA: Ukraine Communist Party to nominate leader for presidency 10/03/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


BA: EU, US Announce Emergency Talks With Bosnia 10/02/09

RU: Ingush leader sacks his cabinet over poverty, crime 10/05/09

RU: Ingushetia's cycle of violence 10/03/09

TR:  Turkey anti-IMF protest dispersed 10/06/09

Special Operations

AA: New post-Soviet force begins military exercises 10/02/09

AA: Russia – MOD – “Interaction-2009”. Preparation is proceeding 10/05/09

AA: Turkish, Syria Armed Forces start joint drill 10/05/09

NO: Norway outs NZ SAS's position 10/03/09

RU: Russian soldiers ready to take on Blackwater in Iraq 10/05/09

Security Forces

AA: Kazakhstan: Passage for French Forces in Afghan War 10/06/09

AM: Yerevan Police Ban Anti-Government ‘Slurs' 10/02/09

CZ: Czech air force to keep Gripens after 2015 – Defence Ministry 10/06/09

IL: Security Forces Bracing for Birchas Kohanim 10/04/09

RS: Dačić calls for “consensus against crime” 10/02/09

RU: Bomb defused on Russian gas pipeline 10/05/09

RU: Russian forces kill 7 rebels in Chechnya 10/02/09

TR: Mobile Shields Headed For Turkey 10/05/09

TR: Turkey extends mandate to fight rebels in Iraq 10/06/09

UK: Rheinmetall gets UK military contract 10/02/09

UK: Brown turned down troop request, says ex-Army chief General Sir Richard Dannatt 10/06/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: EU leader welcomes Ireland's Lisbon vote 10/04/09

AA: Moscow to uphold its stance on Kosovo independence at The Hague 10/05/09

AA: Ukraine-Russia Tensions Evident in Crimea 10/05/09

CY: Cyprus – President Christofias received the credentials of the new Ambassador … 10/06/09

DE: Germany: The role of the Free Democratic Party in the next government 10/04/09

GR: New PM Pledges Economic Recovery for Greece 10/06/09

IL: Gaza conflict 10/02/09

KV: Ban extols UN mission in Kosovo for spurring dialogue and cooperation 10/05/09

LT: Lithuania – President and NATO Secretary General to visit Military Air Force … 10/06/09

RS: Kosovo's independence is main threat to Serbia's security 10/06/09

RU: Russia's Iran Reversal 10/02/09


ES: Spain says trawler hijacking drama might drag on 10/05/09

GR: Greece: Military helicopter engine stolen from guarded premise 10/06/09

IL: Israeli attorney general to rule on whether soldiers will face charges 10/02/09

IL: Lebanese woman with information on Arad arrested 10/06/09

LT: Judge gunned down in Lithuania 10/05/09

RS: Kosovo ex-guerrillas found guilty on war crime charges 10/02/09

UK: UK cops combating alien crime gangs 10/05/09

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