Journal: How a Torture Protest Killed a Career

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Editor’s Note: In this modern age – and especially since George W. Bush declared the “war on terror” eight years ago – the price for truth-telling has been high, especially for individuals whose consciences led them to protest the torture of alleged terrorists.

From the Story:

I tell you that partly because this whole question of personal morality is a complicated one. I would never, ever, no one would have ever pointed at me as someone likely to become or to be a person of conscience. And yet eventually I found myself on the outside and treated in a way that challenged my whole view of the world.

Phi Beta Iota: As we enter our third and last full life of public service, stories such as this are inspiring, not depressing.  The world is about to be flipped right-side up.  We will have no difficulty identifying those individuals whose integrity was sufficient unto the challenges we all face, every day, as a rotten system without honor seeks to treat individuals as cogs of the wheel rather than the central foci they should be.  Robert Steele signed the letter to Senator McCain against torture–no one now serving President Obama did so.

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