Journal: NOT Real-Time Intelligence

Real Time

Grupo Hemas Taps Savi Networks to Monitor the Security and Status of Cargo Shipments in Real Time

Reuters, 28 October 2009

…has contracted with Savi Networks for its real-time intelligence service that automatically monitors the location, security and condition of shipment…

A Revolution Once More: Unmanned Systems and the Middle East

(Brookings, November 2009)

drones not only carried out scores of strikes on Hamas leadership targets, but also provided continuous real-time intelligence to units on the ground.

U.S. Air Force using airborne lasers as high-speed, wireless data links

Smart Planet, 28 October 2009

That translates to easier military access to real-time intelligence data from manned and unmanned airborne platforms.

How Prosecutors Wiretap Wall Street

Wall Street & Technology Blog, 27 October 2009

This real-time intelligence data intercept can be streamed out to mobile surveillance vans. Furthermore, with this system the FBI can track the rough

Phi Beta Iota: Wrong, wrong, wrong!  Both Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Real-Time-Intelligence (RTI) have been corrupted by snake oil vendors, bureaucratic fools, and media courtiers that know nothing of the art and science of intelligence (decision-support).  Drones and such are providing real-time INFORMATION, just as the Open Source Center (OSC) is providing open source INFORMATION that has stupidly been classified so it cannot be shared.  INTELLIGENCE is DECISION-SUPPORT that has been deliberated collected, processed, analyzed and delivered to a specific decision-making individual or body so as to impact on a specific actionable decision.

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