Reference: Building Agility, Resilience and Performance in Turbulent Environments

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Adaptive Capacity: The amount and variety of resources and skills possessed and available for maintaining viability and growth relative to the requirements posed by the environment.

Agility:  The capacity for moving quickly, flexibly and decisively in anticipating, initiating and taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding any negative consequences of change.

Resiliency:  The capacity for resisting, absorbing and responding, even reinventing if required, in response

Below is a key table from the article.  The degree to which US Government elements–and especially elements of the secret world–are NOT agile and NOT resilient, is striking.  Money has been a substitute for everything else, and secrecy a means of avoiding accountability.  The below table is more characteristic of those emergent organizations that embrace M4IS2: Multinational, Multiagency, Multidisciplinary, Multidomain Information-Sharing and Sense-Making.


1. Our organization is open to change

2. Our organization actively and widely scans for new information about what is going on

3. Our organization is good at making sense of ambiguous, uncertain situations

4. Our organization takes advantage of opportunities quickly

5. Our organization is good at quickly deploying and redeploying resources to support execution


1. Our organization has a strong sense of identity and purpose that can survive anything

2. Our organization has a strong support network of external alliances and partnerships

3. Our organization is expanding its external alliances and partnerships

4. Our organization has “deep pockets”—access to capital and resources to weather anything

5. Our organization has clearly defined and widely held values and beliefs


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