SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 13 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Curacao seeks help in case of missing US diplomat 10/12/09

AA: Israeli military links widespread 10/08/09

AR: Argentina downgraded in financial development index 10/08/09

AR: Argentine Senate overwhelmingly approves media law 10/10/09

CL: Chile Acts to Protect Refugees 10/09/09

CO: Colombia Indians Say Talks with Rebels Must Be Public 10/10/09

CO: COLOMBIA: US Should Opens Its Files on Palace of Justice Massacre 10/09/09

CO: Deserters: A FARC Founder Died in Colombia Earlier This Year 10/13/09

CU: Cuba bloggers test government limits 10/08/09

HN: How to Save Democracy in Honduras 10/13/09

HT: Haiti, UN begin analysis of Friday’s deadly air crash 10/11/09

UY: Ex-guerrilla who sought to overthrow state is now set to run it 10/11/09

VE: Chávez receives advance brigade of Cuban doctors 10/09/09

VE: Venezuela confirms coltan deposits, $100 billion in gold reserves 10/10/09

Below the fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Costa Rica & Panama Ensnared in Hemispheric Drug Trade 10/12/09

AA: Mexico “Anarcho-Bombings” Spark Student Witch Hunt 10/11/09

CO: 900 Peasants Flee Fighting in Southwestern Colombia 10/11/09

CO: FARC adds conditions to unconditional release of hostages 10/08/09

GT: Attacks Leave 1 Police Officer Dead, 6 Wounded in Guatemala 10/11/09

HN: Landowners in Honduras hired Colombian paramilitaries, UN says 10/09/09

PE: Peru: Army’s Puerto Ocopa Base attacked by narcoterrorists 10/09/09

Special Operations

AA: Latin Americans Need Professionalized Spy Agencies 10/12/09

Security Forces

BO: Bolivia to buy Chinese jets to battle drugs 10/10/09

CO: Colombian Government Seizes Ranches Belonging to FARC 10/13/09

EC: Ecuadorian Police Locate 4.3 Tons of Cocaine in Quito House 10/10/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Latin America’s Twenty-First Century Socialism in Historical Perspective 10/12/09

AA: Colombian and Ecuadorian Relations on the Mend? 10/08/09

AA: Venezuela and Ecuador Advance Bilateral Integration and Cooperation 10/08/09

BR: Brazil Flexes Muscles over Honduras Crisis 10/09/09

CR: Costa Rica disturbed by Venezuela’s peace base 10/08/09

CR: President of Costa Rica Óscar Arias Sánchez Addresses UN General Assembly … 10/09/09

EC: Ecuador to seek defense deals with Russia 10/10/09

JM: Jamaica, Italy Compare Crime Fighting Techniques 10/08/09

PE: Peru seeks to establish Unasur anti-drug council 10/11/09

VE: Venezuela’s president Hugo Chávez accused of turning tyrant 10/12/09


AA: Interpol Issues International Arrest Warrant for Escaped Colombia Rebel 10/10/09

AA: 21 Die in Drug-Related Violence in Mexico Over the Weekend

AR: Patagonia Crime Scene Plays Role in Nuclear-Security Bid 10/08/09

BR: Jail for Brazil TV crime host accused in killings 10/09/09

CO: Colombian president sees ‘signs of corruption’ in rebel prison break 10/08/09

CO: Journalist to leave Colombia after murder attempt 10/11/09

CO: Power vacuum fuels vicious drug war 10/13/09

CR: Costa Rica’s ex-President convicted of graft 10/08/09

EC: LA mom wants justice for daughter slain in Ecuador 10/08/09

JM: Jamaican hijacker to serve 20 years in jail 10/09/09

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