SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 19 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: ‘His reputation's been destroyed' 10/16/09

AA: Imperial Globalization and Social Movements in Latin America 10/16/09

AA: Russia, Bolivia to launch gas joint venture 10/17/09

AA: Western Terror Recruits on the Rise 10/19/09

AR: In Pursuing Human Rights, Argentina Displays a Broken Justice System 10/18/09

CO: Colombia VP under new scrutiny for para meetings 10/19/09

CO: Two teenagers killed in Colombian `military error' 10/20/09

CU: Visit to Cuba by Russian chief of staff stirs new Cold War speculation 10/15/09

HT: Under the Influence: A New Horizon for Haiti 10/16/09

NI: Nicaragua court opens way for Daniel Ortega re-election 10/20/09

VE: Venezuela denies having been advised by Colombia of rebel's flight 10/15/09


CO: FARC Guerrillas Attack Plane Carrying 15 in Colombia 10/15/09

CO: 5 Colombian soldiers, 13 FARC rebels killed 10/18/09

GT: Guatemala: Killings of indigenous rural workers must not go unpunished 10/15/09

GT: Indigenous protest turns deadly 10/16/09

Special Operations

AA: Chile joint exercise angers Peru 10/19/09

Security Forces

BR: Stirred Up by Venezuela Brazil Is Outspending Everyone in Arms Race 10/15/09

PE: Peru: Gov't Seeks Legal Shield for Security Forces 10/16/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Arrest warrant derails Colombia-Ecuador talks 10/17/09

AA: Mexico, Spain cooperate to combat international crime 10/15/09

AA: The Pressure Is on for Brazil to Get Chavez into the Mercosur 10/20/09

BO: ALBA Strengthens Trade Alliance, Ratifies Struggle Against the “Empire” 10/17/09

BR: Brazil campaigning for permanent UN Security Council seat 10/16/09

HN: Honduras crisis talks continue past deadlines 10/16/09

SV: El Salvador gets 1st Cuban ambassador since 1960s 10/18/09

UY: Uruguay Supreme Court rules out dirty war amnesty 10/19/09

VE: Chavez strongly condemns suicide attack in Iran 10/20/09


AA: 9 decapitated bodies found in drug-plagued state in southern Mexico 10/16/09

AA: UNDP: Central America has world's highest non-political murder rate 10/20/09

CL: Chilean thief crushed to death by ATM he stole 10/16/09

CO: Colombia: army officer detained in massacre of indigenous people 10/18/09

CO: NGOs to present war crime cases to the ICC 10/19/09

HT: Haiti “seriously” looks to eradicate people-trafficking mafias 10/19/09

JM: Gov't Committed to Containing Crime to Achieve Key Targets 10/15/09

PE: Counterfeit Dollars on the Rise in Peru 10/19/09

PE: Peru to extradite Israeli judge Dan Cohen 10/15/09

PE: Boom in Social-Networking Sites Behind Missing Children in Peru 10/18/09

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