SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 27 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Uruguay #1 for Prosperity in South America; Venezuela and Bolivia the Worst 10/26/09

CL: Chile president proposes limiting military courts 10/27/09

CO: Uribe requests repatriation of Colombians murdered in Venezuela 10/26/09

DO: Lucrative charcoal spurs Dominican- Haitian crime cartels 10/26/09

HN: Honduran forces blast recordings of sound effects outside Brazilian embassy 10/22/09

HN: Censorship vs. hate speech in troubled Honduras 10/24/09

TT: Govt spends $.5m to deport Africans 10/23/09

VE: Venezuela to Save Water, Power as El Nino Curbs Rain 10/22/09

VE: Torture Case of PSUV Activist Fuels Debate Over Police Reform in Venezuela 10/22/09

VE: Venezuela complains about Colombia spying 10/26/09

Below  the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Colombia knows of 12 FARC bases in Ecuador 10/24/09

AA: CENTRAL AMERICA: The World's Most Violent Region 10/23/09

CO: Colombia requests Venezuela's collaboration after border killing 10/27/09

CO: Colombian Paramilitary Forces Threaten Venezuela 10/23/09

CO: Demobilized paramilitaries reassemble in central Colombia 10/23/09

PE: Peru: ‘Free trade', cocaine and terrorism 10/25/09

VE: COLOMBIA: Leftist Rebels Flee To Venezuela 10/25/09

VE: Colombian Soccer Players Found Dead in Venezuela 10/27/09

Special Operations

CL: Louisiana Air Guard Participates in Multi-national Training in Chile 10/23/09

HT: UN peacekeepers: Helping to bring Haiti out of poverty and isolation 10/23/09

Security Forces

BR: Brazilian police arrest over 270 suspected drug dealers 10/27/09

CO: FARC Commander Killed in Colombia 10/27/09

GT: Guatemalan Police Rescue Kidnapped Woman 10/23/09

GT: Guatemalan, US military forces detain submarine with 10 tons of cocaine 10/22/09

JM: Security forces stage massive operation across Kingston 10/23/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Colombia asks to investigate Ecuadorean judge 10/23/09

AA: Mexico – A second meeting on organized crime is held by Colombia, Guatemala … 10/26/09

EC: Vice President of Ecuador expresses thanks for Cuban cooperation 10/22/09

NI: US says concerned by Nicaragua election ruling 10/22/09

PE: Peru's García Fails to Recover Lost Trust 10/25/09

UY: Uruguay vote pits ex-guerrilla against former conservative president 10/25/09

VE: Hugo Chávez is up to no good 10/26/09


BR:  A list of alleged drug leaders sought by Brazil 10/23/09

BR: Rio battles entrenched crime prior to Olympics 10/23/09

CO: Gang warfare provokes exodus in northern Colombia 10/22/09

CO: Rebel leader's daring escape is blow to Colombia's government 10/25/09

CR: Two More Police Officers Arrested For Turning Criminal 10/26/09

DO: Haitian Man Beaten to Death in Northwestern Dominican Republic 10/24/09

UY: Former Uruguayan Dictator Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison 10/23/09

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