SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 6 Oct 09


Hot Topics

AA: Brazil and Venezuela must consider the construction of nuclear … 10/02/09

AA: Latin American Realpolitik: Colombia Cuts Electricity to Venezuela … 10/01/09

AA: South America: Will defense spending trigger an arms race? 10/02/09

BO: Evo: ALBA to Tackle Key Regional Issue 10/02/09

BO: News of the Weird: Bolivia home to world's only cocaine lounge 10/05/09

BR: Brazil Congress Ignores Court Order to Hand Over Expenses List 10/01/09

BR: Lula's Olympic Victory Sets Up Battle on Rio's Crime 10/03/09

BR: Brazil: Honduran crisis triggers international relations debate 10/03/09

CO: Colombia denies US base reports 10/02/09

CO: Nine Dead, 34 Injured in Colombia Accidents 10/04/09

VE: Venezuela Leads Latin America in Social Justice 10/03/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


CO: Mounted Gunman Kills Councilman in Central Colombia 10/01/09

CO: Violence traps indigenous Colombians 10/01/09

EC: President, indigenous groups at odds over fatal protest in Ecuador 10/02/09

HN: Honduran Security Forces Accused of Abuse 10/05/09

UY: Presumed Letter Bomb Kills Woman in Uruguay 10/04/09

Special Operations

AA: USS Cole Prepares for Joint Warrior 10/02/09

VE: Venezuela's militia of peasants operational as of December 10/02/09

Security Forces

BO: Bolivia faces critics over purchase of aircrafts from China 10/04/09

CO: Armed Forces Weapons from Argentina, Venezuela, Peru Found in Colombia 10/03/09

CO: Colombia Guerilla Leader May Have Died in Air Raid, Tiempo Says 10/02/09

CO: Three FARC Guerrillas, Seven ELN Rebels Surrender in Colombia 10/04/09

GT: Budget woes weaken Guatemala army in drugs war 10/02/09

PA:  Crime leaders arrested in cocaine smuggling sting 10/01/09

UY: Uruguayan navy to expand to protect oil 09/30/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Mexico – The President of Mexico Promotes Seven Members of the … 10/05/09

AA: Regional Concerns due to Colombia-US Military Base Pact By Oliver … 10/05/09

AA: UN – Risks to Non-proliferation Regime Challenge Resolution 1540 … 10/02/09

AR: President of Argentina Cristina Fernández De Kirchner Addresses UN … 10/04/09

CR: Honduras Crisis Affecting Costa Rican Trade 10/04/09

CU: Cuba and Mozambique Sign Cooperation Agreement 10/06/09

CU: Raul Castro Heads Welcoming Ceremony of Malian President 10/01/09

VE: Venezuela Informs UNASUR of Weapons Agreement 10/03/09


AA: Murder in Colombia and a U.S. multinational 10/01/09

AR: Argentina's Dirty War: How to Defend an Accused Mass Murderer? 10/05/09

CO: Armed groups recruit children and security forces use them as … 10/01/09

CO: Colombian paramilitary arrested for involvement in Chavez … 10/01/09

JM: Jamaica cops detain man in death of British consul 10/03/09

JM: Tight lips cripple crime-fight effort 10/04/09

PE: Former Peru president gets six years for bribery 10/01/09

VE: Venezuela Asks Interpol to Arrest Former President 10/02/09

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