AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 16 Nov 09


Hot Topics

BW: Khama breaks silence on extra judicial killings 11/15/09

CD: EU sees DR Congo army reform as priority 11/13/09

GN: Mercenaries said training Guinea troops 11/14/09

GN: Guinea Military Threatens Problems if Current Leader is Forced Out 11/11/09

RW: Rwanda: Gen. Nyamvumba Decries Logistical Mismatches Within Darfur Mission 11/12/09

SD: One year before referendum, south Sudan remains tensed 11/14/09

SO: Somalia: Is Puntland Drifting Towards Collapse? 11/15/09

TD: Press conference on humanitarian situation in Chad 11/12/09

ZA: Insecurity in the forces 11/13/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: No more than 100 LRA fighters left in Congo-UN 11/11/09

CD: Congolese Army Targeted Civilians in North Kivu, UN Report Says 11/12/09

CD: East DR Congo village empties out after raid 11/11/09

ET: Ethiopia rebels claim massive counter-offensive 11/13/09

ET: Ethiopia: ONLF fighters take over military base in Dufan 11/13/09

KE: Don't drop up militia, Kenya told 11/16/09

SO: Return of the Somali Pirates 11/12/09

SO: Somalia Terrorist Group Suspected in Killing of Puntland Judge 11/13/09

SO: Somalia: Mogadishu violence claims seven 11/15/09

TD: UN: eastern Chad too dangerous for aid workers 11/13/09

Special Operations

CD: UN denies complicity in Congo war crimes 11/11/09

NG: Nigeria: Germany Partners NDLEA On Drug Trafficking 11/12/09

SO: Navy storms Somali pirate mothership 11/13/09

Security Forces

AA: China to boost efforts in fighting Somalia piracy 11/12/09

AA: Italy: Police arrest alleged Algerian terror gang 11/12/09

CD: UN mission in DR Congo says no more logistical support suspensions 11/13/09

ET: Ethiopia: Federal Police to be restructured 11/13/09

KE: Kenya police kill nine gang members 11/12/09

MA: Polisario militant arrested in Morocco 11/13/09

SD: 56 LRA surrender to S. Sudan army, says SPLA spokesman 11/14/09

SO: EU plans training missions for Somali forces 11/13/09

SO: somali army starts military movement in southern Somalia (Shabelle) 11/15/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Geopolitical and Diplomatic Intelligence 11/12/09

BW: Opposition join forces in Kgatleng 11/11/09

NG: Nigerian militants say peace talks start with govt 11/15/09

NG: 41-member Nigerien opposition delegation arrives in Nigeria 11/11/09

RW: Rwanda: Kagame Meets US Envoy on War Crime 11/16/09

RW: Rwanda: Kagame Meets US Envoy on War Crime 11/16/09


AA: Algerian Arrested in Pamplona for Suspected Islamist Network Ties 11/14/09

AA: Crime rings boost ivory smuggling 11/11/09

AO: Chinese workers living in Angola targeted by gangs 11/16/09

DZ: Algeria sentences head of Qaida to death 11/13/09

KE: ICC investigation finds Kenyan government a reluctant participant 11/11/09

LY: UN sets up Libya office to fight crime in Maghreb 11/11/09

NG: Nigeria: ‘Prompt Ransom Payment Aids Kidnapping' 11/12/09

ZA: SA courts now recognise illegal mining as organised crime 11/13/09

ZA: South Africa: Crime in SA is most violent worldwide, admits Jacob Zuma 11/13/09

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