AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 24 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Al-Qaeda Moving to Africa: Sources 11/22/09

AA: Ship is pirate target again 11/19/09

AO: Angola: Armed Forces Staff Attend Workshop on Future Constitution 11/19/09

BW: Khama faces ICC prosecution 11/19/09

CD: FACTBOX-Who are Congolese warlords Katanga and Ngudjolo? 11/23/09

CD: UN blue helmets help passengers in DR Congo when plane overshoots runway 11/19/09

GH: Soldiers ordered to speak French 11/21/09

NG: Nigeria: Trends in Military Justice System 11/19/09

RW: Rwandan militia leaders' arrests praised 11/19/09

SD: South Sudan agree to release children soldiers – UN 11/24/09

SO: Somali pirates waste ransom money on weddings and orgies 11/19/09

TD: Troubled Chad moving to calmer phase: UN official 11/20/09

UG: Uganda: Former LRA child soldiers undergo rehabilitation 11/24/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: LRA's Joseph Kony to seek protection from Sudan army 11/22/09

AA: UK issues terror warning for travel to Mali's Timbuktu 11/23/09

AA: Mubarak adds fuel to fire as football riots spread 11/21/09

CD: Tribe clash forces new displacement in DR Congo 11/23/09

SD: un Chief Warns of Increasing Darfur Threats 11/23/09

SD: Gunmen Kill 11, Wound 4 in Attacks in Sudan's Darfur 11/19/09

SO: Pirates Widen Range, Straining Naval Patrols 11/19/09

SO: Somalia: Heavy Fighting Starts in Mogadishu 11/23/09

SO: Somalia: Islamist Fighters Take Over Control of a Town 11/22/09

Special Operations

AA: India bolsters anti-piracy operation off Seychelles 11/24/09

AA: Rwanda: Djibouti EASBRIG Military Exercises Pushed Ahead 11/22/09

UG: Ugandan troops kill top rebel in Centr.Africa 11/19/09

Security Forces

AA: Somali security forces to train in Uganda 11/19/09

LR: Liberia: Unmil Boss Ellen Løj Denounces Sexual Abuse 11/20/09

ML: Three arrested over suspected Mali drugs plane 11/22/09

MR: Mauritania Arrests 3 Suspected Terrorists, Tahalil Hebdo Says 11/23/09

SO: Somalia to get EU training force to counter Islamist insurgents 11/22/09

SO: Somalia: Ahlu Sunna Forces Detain Suspected Men in Central Region 11/23/09

SO: Somalia: Amisom Troops Make New Military Base in Mogadishu 11/23/09

UG: Ugandan army kills 34 tribesmen in 2 gunbattles over cattle raids in NE Uganda 11/20/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Tsvangirai to discuss Zimbabwe crisis with Gaddafi 11/19/09

AA: China, Senegal hope to enhance military cooperation 11/19/09

AA: Sudan to construct military hospital in Djibouti 11/21/09

AA: UN condemns South Africa attacks on Zimbabwe workers 11/20/09

GN: Guinea's opposition rejects mediator's proposals 11/20/09

SD: Sudan violates peacekeeper deployment agreement-UN 11/23/09

ZA: Zimbabwe: Zuma Delays Visit Over Deadlock 11/23/09


AA: British lawyer laundered bribes to Nigeria, court told 11/23/09

CD: Two wanted Rwandan rebel leaders arrested 11/19/09

CF: Two French Aid Workers Kidnapped in Central African Republic 11/24/09

LR: LIBERIA: “The new war is rape” 11/20/09

NG: Absent judge forces Nigerian graft trial delay 11/23/09

NG: Gunmen kidnap two children in Nigerian oil city 11/23/09

NG: Crime wave raises questions about Nigeria amnesty 11/19/09

NG: Nigeria: Police Arrests Son of Isoko Chief Over Murder 11/23/09

SO: Somalia: Counterfeit Money Aiding Terrorists Seized 11/21/09

ZA: South Africa combats sex trade abuse ahead of 2010 World Cup 11/22/09

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