CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 13 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Arab experts predict Mideast water wars 11/13/09

AA: Americans and Western Europeans Agree on Afghanistan-Pakistan Extremist Threat 11/11/09

AA: Muslims must quit British Forces, says Iranian envoy Abdolhossein Moezi 11/14/09

AA: Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan are not best countries for … 11/13/09

AA: Terror training camps smaller, harder to target 11/09/09

AF: Kidnapped journalist freed in Afghanistan 11/12/09

IR: Exile group: Iran making major security changes 11/12/09

IR: Three-detained Americans entered Iran illegally: FM 11/10/09

KZ: Kazakhstan to overcome recession with positive indicators 11/12/09

PK: Top al Qaeda leader blames Blackwater for Peshawar blasts 11/12/09

PK: No safe heaven for Taliban in Pakistan, says Taliban Commander 11/14/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Instability in Afghanistan holds region of Central Asia “in fear”: experts 11/13/09

AA: Saudi Arabian and Yemeni forces must protect civilians in Sa'da conflict 11/11/09

AF: Al Jazeera footage shows Afghan militants handling US weapons 11/10/09

IQ: Minorities in Iraq's North Seen as Threatened 11/10/09

PK: Gunmen torch NATO tankers in Pakistan, kill driver 11/13/09

PK: Pakistan Militants Mount ‘Desperate' War, Gilani Says 11/10/09

PK: Two Suicide Bombings in Pakistan Kill at Least 12 11/14/09

PS: Israeli forces open fire on Palestinians in WB 11/14/09

SA: Fighting forces Saudi evacuations 11/13/09

YE: COUNTER-TERRORISM: The Yemeni Border Is Burning 11/13/09

YE: More Civilians Fleeing Conflict In Northern Yemen 11/10/09

Special Operations

AA: Special Operations Chiefs Quietly Sway Afghanistan Policy 11/09/09

AF: NATO, Afghan Forces Seize 250 Tons of Bomb Material 11/10/09

Security Forces

AA: 17 kg of heroin seized in west Siberia 11/09/09

AF: Afghan troops kill 7 insurgents 11/14/09

IR: Iran creates Internet crime unit 11/13/09

LB: Baroud: Security forces have unrestricted access throughout Lebanon 11/12/09

PK: Pakistan police hold 7 “planning attacks in Karachi” 11/12/09

PS: Hamas: Abbas security forces detain 12 Hamas members in West Bank 11/13/09

SY: AIR DEFENSE: Syria Goes Deep 11/10/09

YE: Saudi forces impose sea blockade on northern Yemen 11/11/09

YE: Security Forces Pursuing Mastermind of Taxas Attack 11/13/09

YE: Yemen captures eight Somali pirates 11/13/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Assad: Turkish-Syrian ties regional model 11/09/09

AA: India, Iran to discuss Pak-based terror, gas pipeline 11/13/09

AA: Israelis concerned Hezbollah's entry into cabinet to dim peace hope 11/09/09

AA: President of Tajikistan Emomali Rahmon met with the Azerbaijani defense … 11/11/09

AA: UAE signs seven pacts with Syria 11/11/09

AA:Turkey-Iran Ties Continue to Worry West 11/12/09

AE: Khalifa Gets Message from Qatari Amir 11/09/09

IR: Iran armed forces chief backs nuclear fuel deal 11/13/09

KZ: China vows to advance military co-op with Kazakhstan 11/13/09

LB: UNIFIL says Lebanon's new government to support UN Resolution 1701 11/12/09

PK: Pakistan Seeks Role in US-Afghan Policy 11/11/09

YE: Yemen rejects Iran security offer 11/11/09


LB: Death sentence for accused Lebanese spies 11/11/09

PK: Pakistan suicide bombing kills anti-Taliban mayor 11/10/09

PS: Palestinian killed on Gaza border 11/13/09

QA: Qatari envoy to UN stresses on efforts to fight organised crime 11/10/09

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