CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 19 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: ‘Northern Taliban' threatens Central Asia 11/17/09

AA: Report: Gilad Shalit could be freed by next week 11/18/09

AA: The KSM Trial Will Be an Intelligence Bonanza for al Qaeda 11/16/09

AF: Troop Morale Drops in Afghanistan, Army Study Says 11/15/09

IR: Iran moves to silence opposition with internet crime unit 11/15/09

PK: Pakistan's Enemy? Focus Remains On India 11/16/09

YE: Iran points to Saudi terrorism in Yemen 11/18/09

YE: Yemen's battle for the economy 11/17/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Police warn German extremist may be planning attacks in Afghanistan 11/16/09

AA: Iran sends warships to Yemeni waters 11/18/09

AA: Taliban commander: We're fighting for ‘independence' 11/18/09

AF: French forces: Rockets kill 3 at Afghan market 11/16/09

AF: Taliban make gains in Afghanistan's forgotten north 11/15/09

IQ: Al Qaeda in Iraq becoming less foreign-U.S. general 11/18/09

YE: Foreign power behind rebels: Yemen 11/16/09

YE: One person dies in southern Yemen clashes 11/18/09

Special Operations

AA: Third Army and Lebanon Armed Forces Helicopter Units Conduct Joint Aviation … 11/17/09

AA: Turkey, Egypt to jointly hold naval exercise 11/15/09

AF: Special Forces Ready to Unleash the PDAs of War 11/17/09

PK: 5 militants killed in Pakistan's South Waziristan operation 11/15/09

Security Forces

AA: Yemen, Saudi forces launch fresh strikes on Shiite rebels 11/15/09

AA: Germany extends Afghan, Lebanon deployment-source 11/18/09

AF: US Dept of Defense – Forces in Afghanistan Kill Militants, Detain Suspects 11/18/09

AF: Afghan forces get 2 C-27 military support planes 11/15/09

AF: Canadian, Afghan forces seize insurgent stronghold 11/18/09

AF: More Afghan troops will be trained by UK troops in Helmand, Mr Brown said 11/18/09

EG: Egypt police kill African migrant as border violence continues 11/15/09

LB: Lebanon: Suspected Israeli spy detained 11/19/09

PK: Pakistan claims major gains on Taliban 11/17/09

SA: Saudi forces carrying out mop-up operations 11/16/09

YE: ‘Eight Yemen Shiite rebels die in clashes with army' 11/18/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Egypt Urges Mahmoud Abbas to Stay 11/17/09

AA: NATO postpones conference on forces for Afghanistan: spokesman 11/19/09

AA: Saudi clerics see Iran's hand behind Yemen rebels 11/16/09

AA: Yemen, UAE seek better security cooperation 11/16/09

IQ: Iraq's national elections in jeopardy after vice president's veto 11/18/09

IR: Irans Parliament Approves Ahmadinejads New Cabinet Ministers 11/15/09

LB: Lebanon's New Cabinet: Shaky from the Start 11/16/09

TJ: Tajikistan and Russia: partnership for stability in Central Asia 11/17/09

UZ: Uzbek president approves agreements with Turkmenistan 11/15/09


AA: Police in Russia's Urals seize 9.5 kg of heroin from pensioner 11/17/09

EG: Christian org to Obama: Egypt gov't complicit in “raping” Coptic girls 11/16/09

IR: Iran protesters sentenced to death 11/17/09

KZ: 17 girls released from sexual slavery in Kazakhstan, including Kyrgyzstani 11/16/09

YE: Abducted Japanese man still held by Yemeni tribesmen 11/18/09

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