CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 5 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Europe reluctant to send more troops to Afghanistan 11/03/09

AA: Russia Is Dying To Learn Its Census Data 11/04/09

AA: Australia unlikely to send more troops 11/05/09

AA: Der Spiegel: Mossad hacked Syrian computer to uncover nuclear site 11/02/09

AA: India, Pak again resorting to blame game 11/05/09

AF: Anti-American rumors gain traction in Afghanistan 11/03/09

AF: The case for withdrawal from Afghanistan is not yet made 11/05/09

EG: Egypt opens Rafah crossing for stranded Palestinians 11/01/09

IQ: Iraq surge could be model for Afghan war: US admiral 11/04/09

IR: Iran's Military Power Subject to New US Study Used for China 11/02/09

SA: Saudi warning over Hajj politics 11/03/09

TJ: Tajikistan grants amnesty to prison population 11/04/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AF: As Security Worsens, An Afghan District Forms Its Own Militia 10/31/09

AF: Haqqani Network, al Qaeda, behind attack on UN guesthouse in Kabul 11/01/09

IR: Opposition supporters clash with Iranian security forces 11/04/09

LB: As the continuing government vacuum continues Concern about stability in South … 11/02/09

LB: Jihadist groups infiltrate Lebanon, Gaza 11/02/09

PK: Major attacks in Pakistan in the past month 11/02/09

PK: Pakistan's military claims Taliban stronghold 11/03/09

PK: Terrorists hit Pakistan's military enclave again, killing 35 11/02/09

SA: Al-Houthi rebels storm Saudi border 11/04/09

YE: Yemen soldier dead in clash with Islamist militants 11/01/09

Special Operations

AA: Israeli Commandos Seize largest weapons shipment ever. 11/04/09

AA: NATO discusses ties with Egypt, Jordan 11/04/09

AF: Still no count of U.S. contractors in Afghanistan 11/02/09

Security Forces

AF: British forces in Afghanistan due for ‘bloodiest year since the Falklands' 11/01/09

AF: Military ‘terps' head to war to win peace — and visas 11/01/09

IQ: Iraqi forces hunt down al-Qaida 11/03/09

IQ: US Dept of Defense – Iraqi Forces Arrest 21 Terrorism Suspects 11/04/09

IQ: Iraq Swears by Bomb Detector US Sees as Useless 11/03/09

KG: Transit Center, Kyrgyz Medical Teams Work Together, Share Ideas 11/01/09

LB: Lebanese Army and Intelligence Arrest a man smuggling people Out of Lebanon. 11/01/09

LB: Report: Lebanon nabs top militant over rocket attack against Israel 10/31/09

PK: Officials: Alleged US missiles kill 2 in Pakistan 11/05/09

YE: Yemeni military crush al-Houthi rebels by tanks 11/03/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Syria, Iran ‘blocking Lebanon government' 11/02/09

AA: US, Kazakhstan, Norway Finish Major Joint Border Security And Nonproliferation … 11/02/09

AA: Syrian foreign minister in Tehran for bilateral, regional talks 11/04/09

AE: Kazakh president to talk cooperation in United Arab Emirates 10/31/09

EG: Egypt says USAID interferred with democracy 11/02/09

IR: Iran's autocrats consider a new capital, somewhere away from the rabble 11/03/09

KZ: Kazakh president starts visit to Italy 11/05/09

PK: Blunt speaking 10/31/09

PK: Pakistan foreign minister says offensive ‘successful' 11/01/09

PK: UN suspends development work in northwest Pakistan 11/01/09

SY: Syria warns UN credibility at stake 11/05/09


AF: Six arrested over U.N. Afghan guest house attack 10/31/09

KG: Witnesses Testify In Support Of Former Kyrgyz Minister 11/03/09

SA: Child Rapist Crucifixion: Saudi Court Upholds 11/03/09

SA: Saudi soldier killed in Houthi raid 11/04/09

SA: Saudis find arms cache linked to August arrests-TV 11/01/09

YE: Yemen sentences eight more rebels to death 10/31/09

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