EUCOM Week in Review Ending 18 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Caucasus and Balkans, Karabakh and Bosnia 11/14/09

AA: Age of cyber warfare is ‘dawning’ 11/17/09

AA: Ankara, Baku need to stand together against outside forces 11/13/09

AA: France And Turkey: With Or Without The EU? 11/15/09

AA: Report: Missing Iranian general kidnapped to Israel 11/14/09

AA: Trial of Gay Spy Threatens to Embarrass German Intelligence 11/17/09

AM: Armenians urged to reject peace deal 11/14/09

BY: Belarusian democrats call upon EU to extend sanctions against Lukashenka’s regime 11/13/09

KV: Kosovo PM party leads in local election 1st round 11/16/09

RS: Convicted war criminal receives official welcome in Republika Srpska 11/13/09

RU: Russia Announces Delay of Controversial Iranian Nuclear Plant 11/16/09

TR: Letters allege Turkish army plot 11/16/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AM: Armenian armed forces continue to fire on positions of Azerbaijani Army 11/17/09

AM: Armenians violate ceasefire again 11/18/09

IL: Israeli forces open fire on Palestinians in WB 11/13/09

Special Operations

AA: Report: Turkey, Israel, Jordan hold joint maneuvers 11/16/09

AA: Turkey, Egypt to jointly hold naval exercise 11/15/09

AA: Turkish Navy’s Fight Against Piracy in the Gulf of Aden Serves Foreign Policy … 11/13/09

KV: Kosovo Forces 11/15/09

TR: Military establishes 24 radio stations for psychological warfare 11/18/09

Security Forces

AA: Israel, Germany to discuss missile ships 11/18/09

AZ: Armed Forces of Azerbaijan and Jordan likely to cooperate in military medicine 11/14/09

GR: Greek police capture helicopter fugitive 11/16/09

IL: IDF refusal will bring about Israel’s collapse, warns Netanyahu 11/17/09

IL: Israeli forces seize 24 Palestinians in night raids 11/18/09

IL: Soldiers’ mutiny raises concern in Israel 11/17/09

RU: Russia to boost naval presence, says Medvedev 11/16/09

RU: Russian policemen turn to YouTube 11/13/09

RU: Russian says troops kill 20 militants in Chechnya 11/13/09

UA: Ukraine – President writes letter to VR Speaker 11/16/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Albania closer to EU candidate status 11/17/09

AA: Dačić protests over Kosovo at conference 11/17/09

AA: NATO-Ukraine consultations to take place in Brussels 11/15/09

AL: Albania – The Address of President Topi at the FAO Summi 11/17/09

CZ: US Diplomat to Discuss Missile Defense With Czechs 11/13/09

RS: Serbia – Sutanovac to attend Sarajevo meeting of American-Adriatic Charter 11/17/09

RU: Medvedev Calls for Sweeping Democratic Change in Russia 11/13/09

TR: Turkey announces plans for Kurdish rights 11/13/09

TR: Turkish FM urges EU to focus on added-value of Turkey’s membership 11/17/09

UA: Yushchenko to nominate Yekhanurov as new defence minister 11/16/09


AA: Human trafficking third largest organised crime 11/14/09

BA: War criminal praises ministate she helped create 11/16/09

CZ: 48 neo-Nazis arrested in Prague 11/17/09

RU: Sophos research: Russian crime gangs selling fake Tamiflu online 11/16/09

UA: Two Ukrainians suspected of trading in US visas detained in Kyiv 11/17/09

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