EUCOM Week in Review Ending 27 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: EU can insist on a withdrawal of Armenian forces from Azerbaijan 11/23/09

AA: Report: Israel set to leave Lebanese Ghajar village 11/26/09

AA: Former Mexican Prime Minister: “Chavez makes huge weapons purchases in Belarus” 11/23/09

AZ: US cannot pressure Armenia to withdraw its occupying forces from Karabakh 11/23/09

AZ: ICRC representatives in Azerbaijan meets with six captured Armenian soldiers 11/23/09

CZ: Czech Republic ranks among Europe's most corrupt 11/26/09

EE: Estonia expresses concern over Russian arm purchase 11/24/09

IL: Israeli soldiers spark fears, shift debate with protests 11/23/09

KV: OSCE urges Kosovo to address domestic violence 11/26/09

LT: Another CIA Torture Center Discovered in Lithuania 11/26/09

RU: Death of Russian lawyer tests Medvedev's anti-corruption pledge 11/25/09

RU: Retired admiral says Russia losing its navy 11/27/09

TR: Turkey considers fate of detained Iran Raelian leader 11/26/09

TR: Wiretap row adds to Turkish government's troubles, investor fears 11/23/09

UA: Access denied – Russian scientists banned from entering Ukraine 11/25/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AM: Armenian forces kill Azerbaijani civilian: reports 11/23/09

AM: Official from NKR Defense Army says Azerbaijan violates ceasefire every day 11/23/09

AZ: Armenian armed forces continue to violate ceasefire 11/23/09

AZ: Rumblings of Instability in Azerbaijan 11/24/09

IL: PCHR Weekly Report: 9 Palestinians injured by Israeli forces this week 11/27/09

RU: Bomb suspected in Russia train crash 11/28/09

RU: Special Forces Commander Killed In Russia's Dagestan 11/26/09

Special Operations

AA: Aggression against Armenia is aggression against CSTO 11/26/09

AA: Russian militia special forces to land in Belarus 11/24/09

RU: Russian Space Forces Launch Cosmos MilSat 11/23/09

Security Forces

AA: NATO allies may commit 6000 troops for Afghan war 11/27/09

AA: Belarus and Lithuanian Officials Treat Issues of Military Cooperation 11/25/09

AA: Potential Sale of French Warship to Russia Raises Concerns for Neighboring … 11/27/09

CZ: KSČM calls army missions military adventures 11/26/09

GR: Greece to establish special unit to investigate police crime 11/25/09

IL: Cleared for publication: IDF forces thwart attempted attack on home front 11/26/09

RS: Serbia Opens Military Base in Tense Area Near Kosovo 11/23/09

RS: Serbia: Drug busts will have ‘little impact' on mafia 11/27/09

RU: Second blast at Russia arms depot 11/23/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Serbia, DCAF sign protocol in Geneva 11/26/09

AA: “Serbia and China on same side” 11/26/09

AA: European Parliament urges Turkey, Armenia sign protocols 11/24/09

AA: Former Soviet States: Battleground For Global Domination 11/23/09

AA: OSCE Mission conducts monitoring in NKR-Azerbaijani contact line: armistice … 11/26/09

AA: Russia Will Deliver S-300 to Iran in Two Months 11/28/09

AA: Senior Chinese military official meets Russian defense chief on cooperation 11/25/09

AA: US – Bulgaria Relations 11/27/09

AZ: US sees Azerbaijan as key ally for combating Islamic extremism 11/23/09

GR: Greece – Speech of Alternate FM Droutsas at the NAC within the framework of … 11/25/09

IL: Israel awaiting Hamas chief response on Shalit deal 11/24/09

IL: Israeli-Palestinian peace moves at deep, worrying impasse, UN official warns 11/24/09

PL: Poland agrees rules for hosting US armed forces 11/27/09

RU: Russia to reply to Georgia's claims over South Ossetia 11/24/09


AA: Suspended Serb war crime trial to resume 11/25/09

IL: 2 Israelis lightly hurt in West Bank stabbing attack 11/26/09

ME: Montenegro tries nine for sending refugees to death 11/26/09

RU: Beheaded bodies found in Russia's Caucasus 11/24/09

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