EUCOM Week in Review Ending 4 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: MIDEAST: Palestinians File Lawsuits Over Gaza War 10/30/09

AA:  The shadow behind US-Israeli war games 11/02/09

AL: Albania opens new offices to fight organised crime 10/30/09

DE: Thirteen injured in military base accident 11/02/09

IL: The use of radioactive uranium in Israeli military operations- An … 10/30/09

IL: Report: How Israel Bombed the Syrian Nuclear Facility 11/03/09

LV: Latvia preparing counterattack in response to Belarusian–Russian military drills 11/02/09

RU: Russian military plane crashes, 11 dead 11/01/09

TR: [Event of the week] Anti-democratic military plot sparks outcry across the nation 10/31/09

TR: [Unconventional Warfare and International Relations] Political assassinations … 10/31/09

TR: Turkey wants military to identify officers 11/03/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


IL: IDF: Hamas has rocket that could reach Tel Aviv 11/03/09

IL: Israel says Hizbullah ‘amassing weapons’ in civilian homes 11/04/09

RU: Moscow hints at invasion over action in Pankisi Gorge 11/02/09

RU: Violence spikes in Russian Caucasus 10/30/09

Special Operations

DE: German Secret Service Spied on More Lawmakers, Report Shows 11/03/09

FI: Finland Bolsters NATO Relationship 11/03/09

IL: Israel confirms running spy networks in Lebanon 10/31/09

RU: With Russian Prodding, CSTO Begins Taking Shape 10/30/09

Security Forces

AA: Europe reluctant to send more troops to Afghanistan 11/03/09

AA: France, Russia move on ship sale 11/02/09

AA: German fighter jet intercepts Russians in Baltic airspace 11/03/09

AA: US forces set up radar in Iraq to spy on Iran 11/02/09

AM: Armenian armed forces begin military exercises in the occupied territories of … 11/02/09

ES: Spain allows trawlers to use military-type arms against pirates 10/31/09

RS: Serbia police detain 100 people in drugs raids 10/31/09

RU: Russian Forces Arrest More Georgians Near South Ossetia 10/30/09

TR: Turkey Will Continue Assisting Azerbaijan In Strengthening Its Military … 11/03/09

TR: PKK surrenders rise, Turkey says 11/02/09

UA: Draft into Ukrainian army suspended due to flu epidemic 10/31/09

UA: Ukrainian police stop Russian military cargo 11/03/09

UK: United Kingdom takes over ISAF’S Regional Command South 11/02/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: The Turkish-Israeli Alliance Over 11/04/09

AL: Corruption charges over Ottoman heritage hit Albania’s Islamic body 11/02/09

AZ: Azerbaijan to conduct dialogue on safety with USA 10/31/09

DE: Germany backs global arms trade treaty, China and Russia abstain 10/31/09

HR: Date set for Croatian presidential election 10/30/09

KV: Kosovo – President Sejdiu’s Speech at the Assembly of the Republic of Kosovo … 11/02/09

KV: “No outside threat to Kosovo” 11/03/09


TR: Turkish FM stresses importance of Iraq ties on Kurdish visit 10/30/09

UA: Ukraine vote revives gas dispute risks -Kremlin 10/31/09


AA: R100m cocaine mule jailed 11/02/09

BA: BiH sentences Bosnian Serb for war crimes 10/30/09

BA: Radovan Karadzic ‘will appear in court on Tuesday’ 11/02/09

HR: EU keeps eye on Croatia to fight top corruption 11/02/09

IT: Italy convicts former CIA agents 11/05/09

RU: Former Israeli double agent shot dead near Putin’s office 11/02/09

RU: Russia launches crusade on organised crime 11/04/09

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