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A Doctor Walks into the ER. The Punchline? A $5,000 Bill

He needed 29 stitches to patch up a two-inch cut, and was in and out of the ER in two hours. The nearly $5,000 price of the bill was only one aspect that disgusted Dr. Budris:

It listed something called “M/S SUPPLY GENERAL,” which came to $1,247. Then there was another $2,425 for “EMERGENCY ROOM GENERAL.”

“I’m a doctor and I can’t tell you what all of that means,” said Budris.

Phi Beta Iota: PriceWaterhouseCoopers conducted an audit that demonstrated conclusively that 50% of every health care dollar is WASTE.  However, because there is profit in overhead, the WASTE is treated as part of the BASE for the overhead profit.  Congress is corrupt–health care “solution” is not only a two trillion dollar nightmare, it addresses only the hospital-pharmaceutical quadrant, ignoring helathy lifestyle, healthy environment, and alternative or natural cures; and it fails to get the cost of Medicare outyears down to 1% by continuing the current legislatively mandated requirement that US Medicate pay 100 times what the rest of the world pays for any one of the top 75 drugs commonly sought.  See also:

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