PACOM Week in Review Ending 15 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Indian forces were on high alert on Lanka’s fear of army coup 11/13/09

AA: NZ, Australia Join Forces On Vaccine Rollout 11/12/09

CN: China’s hidden night of state bloodshed 11/15/09

CN: China wants a lead role in fight against Somali pirates 11/10/09

CN: China: A Superpower Stirs 11/13/09

ID: Indonesia draws up plan to force Sri Lankans home 11/16/09

LK: Retiring Sri Lankan Gen. Contends Gov. Politicians Planted Coup Rumors 11/14/09

LK: Sri Lanka court acquits Tamil MPs 11/03/09

LK: Sri Lanka Says 164000 War Refugees Remain in Northern Camps 11/09/09

NP: Nepal: The People’s Movement 11/12/09

PH: Philippines leader signs act outlawing torture 11/13/09

TH: Military HQ rejects spy allegation 11/14/09

TH: Two charged over Thai king health rumours 11/02/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Korean navies exchange fire 11/10/09

AA: Pakistan’s Waziristan fight tougher than Kashmir ? 11/10/09

IN: Enemy lines blurred in India’s fight with Maoists 11/10/09

IN: Maoists blow up two schools in central India 11/10/09

IN: Tripura attackers may be in Bangladesh, shutdown cripples life 11/11/09

KS: Cop wounded in guerrilla attack in Kashmir 11/12/09

LK: Sri Lanka Still Threatened by Separatist Forces, Rajapaksa Says 11/19/09

PH: Filipino Islamists survive US-backed onslaught 11/11/09

PH: Maoists raid logging firm in Philippines, 23 dead 11/12/09

TH: Three killed in south Thai violence 11/13/09

Special Operations

KS: Maoist top guns on security forces’ hit list 11/10/09

NZ: Army Deploying LAVs To Support SAS In Afghanistan 11/12/09

Security Forces

IN: Defense Minister Says Securing India’s Coasts Is Of Utmost Importance 11/13/09

KR: South Korea buys EADS IFF systems 11/13/09

KS: A LeT militant surrenders before security forces in Kashmir 11/10/09

KS: Five guerrillas killed in Jammu and Kashmir 11/14/09

KS: Security Forces Kill Two LeT Militants in Kashmir 11/12/09

KS: Top LeT Commander among two terrorist killed in Reasi 11/11/09

KS: Two hideouts busted in Kashmir 11/15/09

MM: First ethnic groups agree to join Myanmar guards 11/11/09

PH: Alleged MNLF member killed in clash with police 11/15/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: From Kabul to Kashmir 11/13/09

AA: Indonesian president in Malaysia to mend ties 11/10/09

AA: Pakistan’s Counter-Terrorism Mechanism Hampered Due To India 11/14/09

BD: Dhaka, Delhi to ink deals on transit and fighting terrorism, crime 11/14/09

CN: NATO Military Delegation Visits China to Discuss Piracy Operations 11/12/09

JP: Japan to Tell Obama It Wants Okinawa Marine Base Closed 11/11/09

JP: Obama looks to strengthen Asia ties, reaffirms Japan alliance 11/13/09

LK: Lanka and Myanmar: Challenges ahead 11/15/09

NP: Sino-Indian rivalry fuels Nepal’s turmoil 11/13/09


AA: AUSTRALIA/SRI LANKA: Untangling the Knotty Issue of Human Smuggling 11/12/09

AA: Pak cyber criminals deface 50 Indian websites a day 11/12/09

CN: China steps up nationwide crackdown on gang crimes 11/10/09

IN: Police killed in India mine blast 11/13/09

NP: Indian’s budding sex empire in Nepal busted 11/13/09

NZ: Drug rings using foreign students 11/13/09

PH:  2 NPA men killed in attack on trader’s home 11/15/09

PH: NPA rebels free captured army soldier in Mindanao 11/15/09

PH: Philippine troops find body of beheaded principal 11/15/09

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