PACOM Week in Review Ending 22 Nov 09


Hot Topics

CN: China’s Cyberwars 11/19/09

CN: AP NewsBreak: China holds, mistreats US geologist 11/19/09

CN: China legislator seeks to criminalise banquets: report 11/21/09

ID: Indonesian president issues order to publicly expose high-profile bank scam 11/23/09

IN: Security still lacking one year after Mumbai attacks 11/21/09

KP: Defector tells of life in North Korean army 11/19/09

LK: Tamil activists’ shock on return to Jaffna 11/20/09

MY: Malaysia battles on for the soul of Islam 11/19/09

NZ: Link between fire starting and crime 11/19/09

PH: Arroyo urged to extend armed forces chief’s term 11/19/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


IN: Bomb blasts kill six, wound 40 in India’s northeast 11/22/09

IN: Indian Maoists derail train, kill two: police 11/20/09

NP: Nepal ex-rebels announce nationwide general strike 11/21/09

PH: 6 soldiers, militiaman hurt in Catanduanes ambush 11/23/09

PH: In Philippines Strife, Uprooting Is a Constant 11/22/09

Special Operations

CN: Intelligence Ops Greatest Chinese Threat to United States of America 11/21/09

CN: More English needed as China steps up peacekeeping 11/19/09

ID: Indonesia Ponders UN Request on The Task Mission in Lebanon 11/20/09

Security Forces

AU: Australian troops using hard drugs in Afghanistan, Iraq 11/21/09

BD: LeT terror plot mastermind held in Bangladesh 11/22/09

CN: China has thirteen air police forces 11/18/09

CN: Chinese Coast Guard Development: Challenge and Opportunity 11/19/09

IN: Night launch for N-capable Agni-II today 11/23/09

JP: Japan gearing up to acquire F-35 fighters instead of F-22s 11/23/09

KP: N.Korean leader inspects security forces 11/21/09

LK: SLanka’s ex-army chief vows to ‘restore’ democracy 11/20/09

NZ: Crackdown on alcohol-fuelled crime 11/18/09

NZ: New Zealand Companies Build Vital Equipment For Army 11/23/09

PH: Top Islamist militants killed in Philippines: army 11/19/09

PH: Troops foil deadly attack in S Philippines 11/21/09

TH: 6 suspected insurgents shot dead in Thai south 11/18/09

TH: Thai Insurgents Killed in Gunbattle 11/18/09

TH: Thai Military Wants US Satellites to Hunt Islamist Rebels 11/20/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Karat opposes strategic ties with US 11/23/09

AA: Bangladesh backs Saudi action on Yemen border 11/18/09

AA: China, ASEAN to further deepen cooperation on combating transnational crime 11/18/09

AA: Malaysia Looks To More Defence Cooperation With New Zealand 11/19/09

AA: Malaysian And Indonesian Forces Committed To Wipe Out Fight Terrorism At Border 11/21/09

AA: North Korea, China vow to further military alliance ‘sealed in blood’ 11/23/09

AA: UN committee condemns N.Korea, Myanmar over rights 11/19/09

CN: US in standoff with Beijing over Chinese currency 11/18/09

IN: Future Directions of US-India Relations 11/23/09

LK: Ranil wants Indian form of democracy in Sri Lanka 11/19/09

TH: Thai minister hopes to recover Cambodian temple 11/18/09


AA: Interpol bust online illegal pharmacy racket 11/22/09

AA: Taiwan says 40 fishermen detained in Myanmar 11/23/09

LK: Combating cyber crime 11/18/09

NP: Crime & corruption edging out politics 11/23/09

PH: 6 fall in Laguna drug raid 11/23/09

PH: Anti-Child Pornography Law Enacted In The Philippines 11/18/09

PH: ‘Don’t pay ransom’, military tells victims’ kin 11/18/09

TW: Cross-strait judicial aid pact contributes to crime-fighting 11/19/09

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