PACOM Week in Review Ending 29 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: ASEAN, China to co-operate on fight against terror, crime 11/25/09

BD: ‘Indian insurgents fleeing Bangladesh’ 11/27/09

CN: China to launch second lunar probe next October 11/26/09

IN: ‘Defence forces need latest informartion warfare skills’ 11/27/09

IN: India to probe Chinese drug imports 11/27/09

IN: Mumbai marks anniversary of terror attacks 11/26/09

TH: Police to quiz KPMG executives 11/25/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


KP: SURFACE FORCES : North Korea Goes Old School To Defeat 11/27/09

PH: International community condemn massacre in Philippines 11/25/09

PH: MILF not involved in massacre—govt negotiator 11/29/09

Special Operations

CN: China, Japan plan first joint military exercise 11/27/09

KS: Army training J&K Police in counter-terrorism tasks 11/25/09

PH: Elite police units take control of Maguindanao 11/24/09

Security Forces

AA: Pakistani security forces kill 18 militants in Khyber region 11/24/09

BD: Key terror operative arrested in Bangladesh 11/27/09

HK:PLA forces in Hong Kong conduct 12th routine rotation 11/25/09

ID: Indonesian Defence Forces To Build Air Force Base In East Kalimantan 11/25/09

ID: Indonesian navy gets new KR Banjarmasin warship 11/28/09

ID: The Indonesian Military Intensifies Patrols at Indonesia – PNG Border 11/26/09

IN: Home Minister Says India Successfully Containing Insurgency In The Northeast … 11/25/09

KS: Two militants killed in Kashmir’s Doda district 11/25/09

PH: 2 suspected crime group members killed in Bukidnon shootout 11/24/09

TW: Taiwan wants elite force to protect island: report 11/25/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Chinese, DPRK defense ministers discuss closer army ties 11/24/09

AA: Thailand, Cambodia say row won’t lead to conflict 11/27/09

IN: India Concerned Over Growing Military Ties Between Pakistan And China 11/27/09

IN: India’s PM Singh says assured by us on Pakistan 11/25/09

KR: Korea Will Invite 5000 African Trainees 11/24/09

LK: Sri Lanka opposition backs general for president 11/26/09


BD: Bangladesh begins trial of mutineers 11/24/09

CN: China executes two men for child abduction 11/26/09

CN: Gang leader executed, four lawmakers removed in SW China crime crackdown 11/26/09

ID: Three Indonesian men detained for brutal murder 11/26/09

NZ: Domestic violence in New Zealand 11/24/09

PH: Philippine Official Says Victims Were Sexually Mutilated 11/27/09

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