PACOM Week in Review Ending 8 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Assassinations, Peace and State Violence in India and Pakistan 11/04/09

AA: Sri Lanka’s top general leaves U.S. unquestioned 11/04/09

BD: Is Bangladesh heading towards civil war? 11/07/09

CN: All forces’ cooperation key to beating terror, says air chief 11/09/09

CN: Chinese premier: Africa trade push is ‘selfless’ 11/07/09

CN: Defying China, Dalai Lama visits Indian town near Tibetan border 11/09/09

CN: Hu says China seeks peaceful use of airspace 11/06/09

CN: The Chinese navy is going blue water 11/04/09

IN: India as Global Military Superpower? 11/06/09

IN: Karnataka’s tryst with political instability continues 11/06/09

KP: North Korean army cashes in on exports to China 11/08/09

LK: Sri Lanka is torturing KP 11/08/09

MM: A Rebel Stronghold in Myanmar on Alert 11/05/09

MM: Myanmar ex-foreign minister dies in prison 11/04/09

MY: Malaysia says Airbus A400M delivery to be delayed 11/05/09

NZ: New Zealand not to impose further sanctions against Fiji: FM 11/06/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


IN: India assures safety of military college targeted by terrorists 11/04/09

IN: India Maoists can ‘hold talks’ 11/05/09

IN: Living with India’s ‘Red Menace’ 11/09/09

KS: Four killed in Kashmir border clash, incursions rise 11/04/09

LK: Sri Lanka says LTTE gone but suicide bombers remain 11/08/09

PH: Two Killed As Gunmen Ambush Passenger Bus In Philippines 11/04/09

TH: Thailand’s shadowy southern insurgency 11/05/09

Special Operations

IN: India, US to ‘deepen’ military ties 11/06/09

IN: Assam unveils Ulfa leaders caught in Bangladesh 11/07/09

PH: Military to launch rescue operations for Sinnott 11/06/09

Security Forces

BD: Six NLFT insurgents surrender 11/09/09

ID: Replacement of Indonesia’s Military Chiefs a ‘Routine’ Affair 11/08/09

IN: India deepens defense ties with Israel 11/07/09

IN: India on way to become global military power: Experts 11/04/09

KS: let militant killed in Doda 11/09/09

MM: Burmese army targets India rebels 11/05/09

NZ: New crime agency head appointed 11/09/09

TW: Taiwan says China starts building first aircraft carrier 11/04/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Nepal, India agree to jointly combat cross-border crimes 11/07/09

AA: US, Myanmar Moving to Thaw Ties 11/07/09

AA: Another Go at India-Pakistan Dialogue 11/05/09

AA: Fiji’s Diplomatic Tussle With Australia, New Zealand Escalates 11/04/09

AA: Japan hails US engagement in Myanmar 11/06/09

AA: Japan, China compete for East Asia 11/09/09

AA: ‘Taiwan-China Relations: A Strait Too Far’ By Erick San Juan (Makati City) 11/07/09

AA: U.S. Presses Myanmar for a More Open Government 11/05/09

CN: China hosts int’l talks on piracy 11/09/09

CN: China urges military cooperation ahead of Obama visit 11/06/09

ID: Indonesia bolsters ties with EU by signing up partnership agreement 11/09/09

IN: India Denies Support to Pakistan Insurgents 11/04/09

JP: Japan’s Mixed Signals Add to Uncertainty Over us Installations 11/09/09

KS: Talks after revocation of ‘black laws’, troop withdrawal: Geelani 11/07/09


AA: Attorneys-general discuss organised crime 11/07/09

AA: Hand over Indian separatists, BSF tells Bangladesh 11/08/09

AA: Lanka not informed of Sri Lankans beheading in Saudi Arabia 11/05/09

CN: Chinese crime ‘Godmother’ jailed 11/04/09

CN: Gang leader in SW China gets 20-year jail term 11/05/09

PH: Philippines vows action after teacher is beheaded 11/09/09

TH: Thai Border on Guard for Drugs From Myanmar 11/06/09

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