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History is not as easy to understand as some might think, for the simple reason that history is a political and economic tool, and the history books are written to reinforce the status quo powers.  In the United States of America, for example, the myth of Abraham Lincoln persists despite compelling evidence that he violated the Constitution and did not in fact free the slaves:

1.  Constitutional scholars agree on the right of the South to seceed

2.  Lincoln did not free the slaves in the north or west, only in the south

3.  Lincoln is on record as stating that he did not want to free slaves in the south and did so only out of military necessity

4.  Lincoln violated the Constitution in suspending habeas corpus; in conscriptng and Army for domestic attack; and in invading and occupying the South for twelve years.

Wealth and Reconcilation, Including Truth at Any Cost, Below the Fold

Wealth is subject to definition.  The wealth of the industrial era, in which scarcity, secrecy, and state-denominated currency have led to a severe concentration of wealth among bankers while depriving the public of access to the commons (land) that has been “possessed by mega-industries or the government in land reserves, is certainly concentrated, and concentrated wealth is the single most common cause of public revolution and an over-turning of the status quo.

HOWEVER, “currency wealth” is trivial in relation to Open Money and other forms of wealth that are more directly connected to the Earth and the human condition.  The collapse of the global economy might be the stake in the heart of predatory capitalism that we all need, and give rise instead to the Gaia Capitalism conceptualized by Sir Richard Branson, in tandem with the Natural Capitalism of Paul Hawken and Ecological Economics of Herman Daly.

What is important to stress is that the concentrated wealth is not now and never will be sufficient to meet the needs of the five billion poor.  It is hardly worth the effort–and the blood–to capture and redistribute.  Instead, the emphasis must be on reconciliation, on connecting to the truth, and on creating infinite wealth by unleashing the innovative and entrepreneurial qualities of the five billion poor.

Truth & Reconciliation is the path to creating a prosperous world at peace.  The reason that the great philosophers stress the importance of “truth at any cost” is because with the truth in hand, ALL OTHER COSTS ARE REDUCED IF NOT ELIMINATED.  “Open Everything” is the way in which we harmonize behavior and spending, the way in which we restore heaven on Earth.

Open Everything
Open Everything

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