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Do NOT buy the book “new.” First published in 1947, it is available used in the 1960's edition for under $10, see the link to the lower of the two used offerings.

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Amazon Used $4.75

See this 2001 paper from Bangladesh,  Democracy and Good Governance: The Role of Omsbudsmen

A hint of the original MacIver content is contained here but $35 for this is idiotic greed (or just idiocy).

01084. THE WEB OF GOVERNMENT BY R.M. MACIVER. A review of this study of the working of government in human society. The 1947 study is viewed as a treatise on fascism and communism as class-based societies. 5 pages, 8 footnotes, 1 bibliographic source.

FREE are the review of  MacIver's The Modern State;  the  commentary Journal: Design Thinking for Government;  the 1975 MA Paper: The origin, status, and failure of the state as the sovereign mode of human organization; and 1992 MCU Thinking About Revolution.

The key point in all of this is that top-down hierarchical command & control entities are not now and never will be complex adaptative systems.  To achieve complex adaptive resilience you need to have bottom-up and contant feedback loops with integrity.  See  Search: The Future of OSINT is M4IS2.

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