Search Tips


Don't search for <cliff notes for ….>.  Search instead for the title of the book, as much of it as possible, and ideally also including the author's last name.  Use Amazon for the full title and grab the last name only of the author (that's the part that gets into the tag cloud).

The Unconquerable World: Power, Nonviolence, and the Will of the People

Part of the “delay” in getting to this (it came up about 20th when searching only for <unconquerable world>) is that once a book as priceless as this has been read, it is then listed as additional recommended reading for a whole lot of other books read afterwards.

You also get books read prior to “the” book that are recommended in that review.  So all told, for the really great books that are central to the intellectual architecture we have been creating for 20 years, expect to see 20-40 listings, all helpful to building a broader picture for you around “the” book's core theme.

What this means is that searching for any given title ALSO brings up all the other books that have been deliberately related to the first book–a form of citation analysis exclusively focused on our concern with creating a prosperous world at peace.  The point: be patient, and think about all the books you find on the way to “the” book.

Use the menu under Reviews to browse.  The 98 categories were devised in 2005 when we took the entire library and re-sorted it in logical units.  This is a library built for an iconoclastic strategist and decision-support professional.  Use it!

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