SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 12 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Legalize It! 11/06/09

BR: Brazil crime wars: Spiderman’s story of drugs and Jesus in Rio’s slums 11/05/09

BR: Massive Brazil blackout triggers crime alert 11/10/09

CO: Committee against Torture begins review of report of Colombia 11/10/09

PE: Peru Guerrillas Growing Stronger, Former Top Cop Says 11/09/09

PE: Peru proposes arms reduction in South America 11/11/09

PY: Paraguay’s Lugo on coup rumours 11/08/09

UY: Crusade on Uruguayan Presidential Candidate Denounced 11/06/09

VE: Venezuela Socialists Ready to Face US Interference 11/10/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Slain police commander, dismembered body found in violence-plagued Mexican … 11/06/09

AA: Venezuela, Colombia in war of words 11/09/09

CO: 3 Colombians die in anti-personnel mine blasts 11/06/09

CO: 9 Colombia troops killed in clash with rebels 11/11/09

PE: Attack on Peru Military Outpost Leaves 1 Soldier Dead, 3 Wounded 11/06/09

Special Operations

AA: Will the militarization of the world by the Pentagon and NATO ever stop? 11/08/09

Security Forces

AA: Peruvian navy interested in Argentine manufactured sea-air missiles 11/11/09

BR: Brazil Police Use Press Coverage as Green Light to Kill and Invade Houses in Rio 11/10/09

CO: Colombian Police Seize Nearly 1.4 Tons of Cocaine 11/09/09

CO: Army causes blow to Alfonso Cano security ring 11/09/09

CO: Army Kills Guerrilla Logistics Chief in Colombia 11/08/09

HN: Honduras finds alleged drug landing strip 11/09/09

PY: Paraguay armed forces chief sacked 11/06/09

SV: Army Joins Fight Against Crime in El Salvador 11/06/09

VE: Chavez orders troops to border 11/06/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: FM Underlines Iran’s Willingness to Expand Trade Ties with Paraguay 11/07/09

AA: For Brazil, Chavez’s Preparations for War Are Pure Rhetoric 11/11/09

AA: Seoul to tighten ties with Latin America 11/10/09

AA: US urges dialogue between Venezuela, Colombia 11/10/09

DO: Venezuela to Build 2000 Homes in the Dominican Republic 11/10/09

GD: Grenada seeks OAS cooperation for police training 11/06/09

HN: Zelaya: Honduras compromise plan “dead” 11/06/09


AR: Killing of policeman, robbery in Recoleta deepen debate over security 11/09/09

AR: Argentina’s last dictator stands trial in rights absues 11/06/09

BR: Unique look at the lives of combatants in Brazil crime wars 11/05/09

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