SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 17 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Colombia releases list of alleged FARC contacts in Ecuador 11/12/09

AA: FACTBOX-Despite tensions, trade dominates Chile, Peru ties 11/14/09


BR: Hosting Peres, Brazil’s president defends Ahmadinejad 11/12/09

CL: Chile: Any US missile, radar deal under $665 million 11/12/09

CO: Colombia to release Venezuelans 11/15/09

GT: Guatemala president faces tough fight on tax reform 11/12/09

HN: Honduras’ Manuel Zelaya to Obama: You’re not an heir to Abraham Lincoln 11/16/09

PE: Peru: oil majors eye Amazon 11/14/09

VE: Chávez-FARC relationship tarnishes the Colombian leftwing 11/16/09

VE: Crime, plus politics, propelling Jews out of Venezuela 11/16/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


BR: Brazilian police probe links between Amazon Indians, Colombian rebels 11/17/09

CO: Bombs Wound 2, Damage 40 Dwellings in Southwest Colombia 11/12/09

CO: Mob Frees Guerrilla Being Arrested in Colombia 11/17/09

Special Operations

AA: 15 detained in Bolivia-Peru anti-drug operation 11/12/09

CO: Colombia denies using foreign intelligence in Ecuador attack 11/12/09

Security Forces

BR: Brazil begins “spy” aircraft surveillance against organized crime in favelas 11/17/09

CO: Colombia: Cauca militarized after deadly FARC attack 11/12/09

CO: Colombian Navy Captures Militiaman Wanted on Drug Charges 11/15/09

CO: Colombia’s Police educating population on under-age crime 11/13/09

CR: Over two tonnes of cocaine seized in Costa Rica 11/12/09

PY: Paraguayan sources: Landing of Venezuelan military plane was routine 11/16/09

SV: EL SALVADOR: More Troops on the Streets to Fight Crime 11/13/09

VE: Venezuela destroys 30000 guns 11/12/09

VE: Venezuela Reorganizes Armed Forces for Defense 11/15/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Colombia, Ecuador mend diplomatic ties after bombing 11/13/09

AA: Colombia, Ecuador move toward normalizing ties 11/13/09

BR: China, Brazil reach five-point consensus to strenghten military exchanges 11/17/09

VE: Venezuela May Still Gain Admission To Mercosur trade bloc 11/15/09


AA: The Zetas: gangster kings of their own brutal narco-state 11/14/09

AA: Venezuelan drugs Boeing crashed in Mali: UN 11/16/09

AA:Rutgers professor addresses crime in Brazil 11/12/09

CO: Colombia: Mob attacks intel agents, frees suspect 11/15/09

GT: Guatemalan AG Says Former Top Cop Was Crime Boss 11/13/09

PE: PERU: Vice President Accused of Corruption 11/16/09

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