SOUTHCOM Week in Review Ending 3 Nov 09


Hot Topics

AA: Indian political awakening stirs Latin America 11/01/09

AA: Latin American leaders move to extend their rule 11/02/09

AA: Presidents of Chile, Argentina Inaugurate Santiago Book Fair 10/31/09

AA: Weapons sales are on the rise in Latin America 11/02/09

BR: Amazon Indians find Brazil plane crash survivors 11/30/09

BR: The Time Has Come to End Lula's Monarchy in Brazil 11/01/09


CO: Colombia says US-Colombia military deal not to harm any nation 10/30/09

EC: Ecuador Concerned Over Spying Ahead of Talks with Colombia 10/31/09

JM: Tell us why police chief resigned – JCC 11/03/09

PA: Panamanians Snub US Military Bases 10/31/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Citizen Insecurity Growing Across Region 10/29/09

PE: UPDATE 4-Two die in attack on Chinese mine in Peru 11/03/09

VE: Venezuela Security Chief Robbed and Killed 11/02/09

VE: Venezuela: Colombians Massacred Near Border Were Paramilitaries 11/02/09

Special Operations

CO: Colombia arrests US-wanted FARC rebel 11/02/09

GY: Guyana must be commended for its stance on the UK demands 10/29/09

JM: Regional security officers get training at JDF camp 11/03/09

PA: Panamanian government building 4 air, sea monitoring stations to fight drug … 11/03/09

VE: Venezuela Says Colombian Agency Spies, Violates Sovereignty 10/29/09

Security Forces

AR: Argentina, France agree to strengthen military ties 11/03/09

BR: Brazil Police Stage Monster Operation and Nab over 2000 Crooks in a Day 10/29/09

CO: Colombian police deactivate guerilla bomb 10/29/09

CO: US to play no role in Colombia military operations: envoy 11/01/09

VE: Venezuela beefs up military presence in border area near Colombia 10/30/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Honduras takes Brazil to world court over Zelaya 10/29/09

AA: Joint Statement by Presidents of Mexico and Guatemala 11/01/09

AA: Russia, Ecuador sign deals on arms, energy 10/29/09

AA: Summits With Chile, Peru, US, Canada Due 11/02/09

CO: Colombia grants US access to military bases 10/30/09

CO: Colombia re-election ruling could take months 10/30/09

HT: New Haiti PM named after government sacked 10/30/09

VE: Iran and Venezuela: a risky friendship 10/29/09


AA: Mexicans turn to the lynch mob as crime spirals out of control 10/29/09

AR: ARGENTINA: ‘Drugs Are Killing the Youngsters We're Feeding' 11/02/09

AR: Argentina puts ex-leader on trial 11/03/09

BR: 12 policemen arrested in Brazil for killing five people 11/01/09

BR: BRAZIL: Drugs, Guns, Gangs and Police – a Violent Mix in the ‘Favelas' 10/30/09

JM: Jamaica balks at US request for alleged crime boss 10/29/09

JM: Police say gangs making their work more difficult 10/29/09

SV: EL SALVADOR: Clandestine Graves Are Back 10/29/09

VE: Several routes through which cocaine is trans-shipped via Venezuela 11/02/09

VE: Venezuela investigates slaying of Chavez foe 11/02/09

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