AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 22 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Ethiopians Dominate Flood Of Africans to Yemen 12/18/09

AA: Guineans flee to Senegal 12/18/09

AA: Radical Islam meets a buffer in West Africa 12/21/09

AO: Crude rises ahead of OPEC meeting 12/21/09

ER: The Case of Eritrea's Missing Soccer Team 12/16/09

KE: Obama ignores brutality and corruption in Kenya 12/17/09

NG: Nigeria: Yar'Adua – Presidency, National Assembly Forces in Succession Plot 12/17/09

RW: Rwanda: FDLR Fighters Deserting Their Commanders 12/21/09

SD: Sudan security law threatens free poll – SPLM 12/21/09

SO: SOMALIA: Piracy Is The Way To Go 12/20/09

SO: UNICEF Official Says Lack of Funds Hampering Work in Somalia 12/16/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: “Somali refugees forced to join Yemen rebels” 12/17/09

CD: MONUC says 1200 people killed by LRA in DR Congo since September 2008 12/22/09

CD: Ugandan rebels threaten Christmas attack in DR.Congo 12/18/09

KE: KENYA: What drives conflict in northern Kenya 12/17/09

NG: Nigeria oil rebels claim attack over talks delay 12/19/09

SD: Sudan on brink of new war, diplomat warns 12/18/09

SN: Senegalese soldier killed in suspected rebel attack 12/18/09

SO: 13 killed as Somali soldiers, AU forces attack insurgents' area 12/20/09

SO: Somali government is concern over insurgents' military strength. 12/20/09

SO: Yearender: Somalia entrapped in another year of deadly insurgency 12/19/09

TD: UN staff escape injury after attack in southeast Chad 12/20/09

Special Operations

CD: DR Congo: UN forces, army adopt new directives with civilian protection at core 12/16/09

TD: UN force in Chad slammed 12/19/09

Security Forces

BW: Media is a partner in the fight against crime 12/16/09

CD: DR Congo military says more FDLR rebels killed in North Kivu province 12/18/09

DZ: The war continues: Algerian security forces kill Al Qaeda terrorists 12/18/09

ET: Ethiopian troops back in Somalia 12/20/09

KE: Kenya: Saitoti Advises DCs On Border Security 12/18/09

SO: Somalia: Somaliland Forces Nab Explosives Near Bridge 12/18/09

TD: CHAD: We Are Ready For Our Close Up 12/19/09

ZW: Zimbabwe: Blitz Nets Over 1.600 Suspects in One Month 12/17/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Ethiopian foreign minister, Somali Islamist official in talks 12/20/09

AO: AFRICOM deputy commander visits military institutions 12/16/09

CD: UN ponders future of Congo mission 12/22/09

GN: UN chief calls on Guinea to “break definitively with violence” 12/19/09

MG: Madagascar leader tears up power-sharing agreements 12/21/09

MG: Madagascar's leader fires consensus prime minister 12/18/09

RW: Rwanda names ambassador to France 12/17/09

ZW: Mugabe's grip on defence forces main problem in power talks 12/20/09


AA: Italy Working to Free Citizens Kidnapped in Mauritania 12/20/09

BW: Corruption in Botswana is becoming increasingly complex 12/16/09

ET: 4 suspects held for attack 12/22/09

GN: Report: Guinea massacre ‘crime against humanity' 12/21/09

KE: Kenya police arrest suspects in Irish priest murder 12/17/09

KE: Kenya: Seven foreigners on arms charge 12/18/09

NG: Nigeria: Another Police Officer Killed in Ogun 12/16/09

UG: UN: Ugandan rebel attacks may have been war crimes 12/21/09

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