AFRICOM Week in Review Ending 7 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: African Union considers al Qaeda and Somalia 12/05/09

CD: Court rules Bemba to stay in prison 12/02/09

CD: Alarm as DRC military leader forms own squad 12/06/09

ET: Ethiopia: Bulcha Demeksa on Gidada's Decision to Join UDJ instead of OFC … 12/02/09

NG: Anti-Yar'Adua forces corrupt, says family 12/06/09

RW: Rwanda rebel leaders: US, French, Spanish, and Congo business links 12/02/09

SD: South Sudan says disarmament is not an easy task 12/07/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


ET: Ethiopia: Gunmen attack convoy of district commissioner 12/05/09

KE: Kenya on high alert over Al-Shaabab threats 12/06/09

SD: Rebels kill 17 Sudanese troops during fresh attack in Darfur 12/07/09

SL: Rioting prisoners stab six wardens 12/03/09

SO: Dozen of civilians killed in Mogadishu 12/02/09

SO: Islamist Ally Turns on Somalia's al-Shabab 12/02/09

SO: Somali militants recruit Ugandans 12/02/09

SO: Somaliland: Government, opposition and Islamic leaders condemn Somalia attack … 12/04/09

SO: Veiled Bomber Kills 3 Somali Ministers 12/03/09

UG: Uganda People News: Army denies killing Karimojongo warriors 12/02/09

Special Operations

AA: Ukraine to send anti-terrorist unit to fight Somali pirates 12/03/09

CD: DR Congo sends commandos to quell unrest 12/06/09

DJ: Djibouti: 150 RDF Troops Return From Djibouti 12/07/09

SD: Nigerian to head Darfur peace-keeping forces 12/05/09

Security Forces

AA: Dutch navy arrests Somali pirates 12/03/09

AA: EU Naval Forces Capture 13 Suspected Pirates Off Oman Coast 12/03/09

LR: Liberia enshrines the Convention on the Rights of the Child in military code 12/02/09

LR: Liberia: Police Burn Over L$3 Million Drugs 12/03/09

SD: Uganda People News: 5 more LRA rebels Surrender to UPDF 12/03/09

SD: Police say planned Sudan opposition protest illegal 12/06/09

SL: Sierra Leone to send 160 troops to Sudan's Darfur region 12/03/09

SO: Somaliland forces arrest six terror suspects 12/05/09

ZA: Drugs, and equipment worth R1bn seized 12/04/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: African Group Urges Guinean Military Regime to Step Down 12/07/09

AA: Zimbabwe, Zambia break new ground 12/05/09

KE: ICC to conduct independent Kenya probe 12/05/09

RW: Rwanda: Govt Blames Sudan for Darfur Attacks 12/06/09

UG: Uganda: We Will Not Bend Over for Aid, Buturo Tells Donors 12/04/09

UG: HRW says impunity may fuel Uganda poll instability 12/03/09

ZW: Zimbabwe: PM Appeals to Diaspora to Help Rebuild Country 12/04/09


AA: Great Lakes nations to send war crimes suspects to ICC 12/06/09

CD: Congolese combatants have created global support networks 12/06/09

GN: After Assassination Attempt, Guinea's Junta Leader Leaves Country for Treatment 12/04/09

SO: Pirates holding 11 ships,264 sailors off Somalia 12/07/09

ZA: Homicide rate down in South Africa 12/03/09

ZA: Human trafficking: SA faces major problem 12/03/09

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