CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 10 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Beirut must stand up to Riyadh 12/06/09

AA: Iran's Vision of Saudi Arabia 12/09/09

AA: Israel, Lebanon, and the Middle East conflict 12/04/09

AA: Killing bin Laden key to Al-Qaeda defeat: mcchrystal 12/09/09

AA: UK accused of rendition over men arrested in Iraq 12/07/09

AE: Full support for UAE nuclear programme 10/10/09

AF: Adm Mike Mullen: US is losing war in Afghanistan 12/08/09

AF: US Occupation Forces Kill 15 Civilians in Afghanistan 12/08/09

EG: Egypt: Brotherhood feels wrath of state; leaders arrested 12/07/09

IR: Iran: Security forces condemned for protest crackdown 12/08/09

JO: Czech troops could spend half year clearing mines in Jordan 12/08/09

LB: Hariri, Jumblatt say their alliance remains strong 12/06/09

PK: Detained Americans in Pakistan for “Jihad”: Officials Tell CBS that FBI has Met 5 Men from D.C. Area with Possible Links to Pakistani Militants 12/10/09

YE: Yemen teeters on brink of failure 12/06/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AF: Petraeus predicts intensified combat in Afghanistan 12/09/09

AF: Taliban Warn Korea Over Troops to Afghanistan 12/11/09

IQ: 6 policemen killed in Iraq violence 12/06/09

IR: Iran's Plain-Clothes Militia Stokes Fear 12/09/09

IR: Nuclear row: Tehran threatens to target Israel 12/09/09

PK: Bomb Blasts Across Pakistan Kill More Than 70 Since Monday 12/08/09

PK: Pakistan Militants Bomb Multan, 100 Dead in Five Days 12/08/09

PK: Pakistan mosque attack underscores bid to target military 12/04/09

Special Operations

AA: ‘Iran and N. Korea sharing intelligence on common enemies' 12/07/09

AF: US to boost counterterror forces in Afghanistan 10/10/09

KZ: UN-backed anti-drug centre opens in Central Asia to curb flow of Afghan heroin 12/09/09

LB: Lebanon report: Attack against UNIFIL thwarted 12/06/09

YE: Saudis ‘in a panic mode' as Shi'ite rebels move North from Yemen 12/04/09

Security Forces

AF: Marines' Offensive Shows Strains with Afghan Forces 12/07/09

AF: NATO countries pledge 7000 more troops for Afghanistan 12/04/09

AF: US drone attack kills three ‘militants' in Pakistan 12/07/09

IQ: Combined Forces Arrest Suspects in Iraq 12/07/09

LB: Lebanon security forces found 2 bodies in Nahr al-Bared camp 12/07/09

PK: Pakistan forces arrest 44 militants around Afghanistan border 12/05/09

PK: US looks to expand Pakistan drone attacks 12/04/09

YE: Saudi warplanes keep pounding Sa'ada 12/10/09

Foreign Affairs

AE: Nato hails UAE role in Afghanistan 12/05/09

AF: No problem, Karzai says of U.S. exit date 12/04/09

EG: Mubarak's virtual enemies 12/06/09

EG: Angry Egypt demands Britain returns Rosetta Stone 12/09/09

IQ: Iraq PM sacks Baghdad security chief 12/10/09

IQ: Ukraine reaches $2.5B arms deal with Iraq 12/09/09

IQ: UN urges Iraq to set election date 12/07/09

KZ: Chinese top legislator meets Kazakhstan's first deputy PM 12/04/09

PS: Palestinian delegation heads to Cairo for national deal 12/06/09

SY: Netanyahu: Syria dropping Golan condition for talks 12/07/09

TJ: Tajikistan, Russia Agree To Fight Drug-Related Crime 12/04/09

TM: Turkmenistan's neutrality status is positive factor of political climate in … 12/07/09

UZ: Elections in Uzbekistan 12/07/09


EG: Egypt ‘excavates' Gaza border tunnel 12/09/09

IQ: Iraqi counterterror chief falls to his prey 12/04/09

KG: Economic crime on rise in Kyrgyzstan 12/08/09

SA: Saudi officials arrest 158 in anti-drug crackdown 12/08/09

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