CENTCOM Week in Review Ending 17 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AF: Afghanistan Seeks to Control its Own Destiny in 2010 12/16/09

AF: Britain to provide 150 mln pounds to detect roadside bombs 12/14/09

IQ: Iranian dissident group defies order to leave Iraq 12/15/09

IR: Alive And Kicking In Iran 12/12/09

IR: Iran has full intelligence about enemies: general 12/17/09

PS: Arab terrorists stopped at Israeli checkpoint 12/16/09

YE: COUNTER-TERRORISM: Arabs Unite In Yemen Against Iran 12/16/09

YE: Saudi Forces Using Banned Phosphorous Bombs: Houthis 12/13/09

YE: US denies military role in Yemen 12/16/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AF: Bombs in Afghanistan Kill 5 Policemen, 6 Troops 12/16/09

AF: Terror monitor: Tape of captured US soldier due 12/16/09

IQ: Iraq security forces involved in bombings: PM 12/16/09

IQ: Lawmaker: Iraqi security had tip-off before bombs 12/12/09

IR: Iran Tests New Version of Missile that Can Reach Europe, Israel 12/17/09

KZ: Kazakh Protesters Arrested On National Holiday 12/16/09

PK: Blast kills 33 near lawmaker's home in Pakistan 12/15/09

TJ: Tajikistan fears Afghanistan fallout 12/16/09

Special Operations

AF: US Increases Special Forces in Afghanistan 12/16/09

KZ: Operatively-rescue division of Emergency Ministry included to CSTO CRRF structure 12/14/09

SA: Saudi spies hunt al-Qaida in Yemen 12/15/09

YE: US special forces train Yemen army as Arab state becomes al-Qaeda ‘reserve base' 12/13/09

YE: Yemen claims seizure of Iranian weapons 12/14/09

Security Forces

AA: Russian drug police seize 11 kg of heroin in Urals city 12/15/09

AA: Will Pakistan relieve burden of US forces in Afghanistan? 12/16/09

AF: Afghan army starts own surge in south Afghanistan 12/12/09

IQ: FORCES: Iraq Comes Back 12/15/09

PK: 4 militants killed in NW Pakistan 12/15/09

PK: Pakistan security forces kill Taliban commander, 6 militants 12/16/09

PK: Pakistani police get more time to quiz Americans 12/15/09

YE: Yemen detains two Qaeda suspects 12/12/09

YE: Yemeni forces foil al Qaeda plot, kill 34: source 12/17/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Egyptian, Turkish leaders discuss Mideast 12/15/09

AA: NATO chief asks for Russian help in Afghanistan 12/16/09

AA: Regional security cemented 12/13/09

AA: UAE, France discuss military cooperation 12/12/09

IR: Iran relies on support of Hizballah and Syria in case of war with Israel and … 12/14/09

LB: Hezbollah: We're not responsible for rocket fire into Israel 12/13/09

UZ: Uzbekistan damages regional power network 12/14/09


AA: Trafficking of Pinoys to UAE alarms RP officials 12/12/09

AA: UN Says Opium Trade Is Expanding in Myanmar 12/14/09

AE: Dubai police net drugs bound for Kingdom 12/14/09

LB: Obama urges Lebanon to clamp down on arms smuggling 12/14/09

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