Definitions: Public Intelligence Network (PIN) Concept


The public intelligence network (PIN, as in pin stuck in the side of the organization) might be:

– an advisory board, advising the institution via the board of directors.

– an intelligence service in support of the board

– a virtual and non-voting public “member” of the board of directors.

The PIN would key off the agenda of the board, using it where it makes sense, and criticizing it or adding to it where needed.  It would help to have the cooperation of board members who would keep the PIN informed, and to speak on its behalf during board meetings.  Otherwise, the management can continue to monitor what the PIN is saying to the board, and this is a benefit to the board because it maintains pressure between board meetings.

Definition:  Advisory Board of Directors:  Individuals appointed to offer expert advise to the elected board of directors. Neither they are bound by the legal duties imposed on the elected board members, nor the elected board is bound by their recommendations.

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