EUCOM Week in Review Ending 16 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Hamas: Shalit won’t be freed until Israel accepts our demands 12/14/09

AA: USA, Russia Join Forces in the Fight Against Cyber Crime 12/15/09

AL: Berisha re-elected as Democratic Party leader 12/15/09

DK: Danish Police Arrest Hundreds in Climate Protests 12/16/09

IL: Israel protests threat of UK war crime prosecution 12/15/09

IL: Israel seals Gaza borders 12/11/09

IL: Israel Should Hold Its Fire on Iran 12/15/09

IL: Israeli security forces wrestle over settler policing 12/13/09

RS: Dačić: Serbia loyal partner to China 12/11/09

RS: Serbia to apply for EU candidacy after consulting European institutions 12/15/09

RU: Armenia gas supplies from Russia stopped by ‘bomb’ 12/13/09

UA: Ukraine asks IMF for $2bn emergency loan 12/11/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: OSCE representatives monitor contact line of Azerbaijani and Armenian troops 12/15/09

AA: Turkey condemns attack on West Bank mosque 12/14/09

BG: Thugs rob $1.6 mln in four attacks in Bulgaria 12/14/09

IL: Bomb-toting Palestinians arrested at checkpoint 12/14/09

IL: Israeli PM condemns West Bank mosque attack 12/12/09

RS: Serbian officials receive death threats 12/13/09

Special Operations

HR: Iraqi security forces complete training in Croatia 12/11/09

IL: Israel geared up for war 12/12/09

IL: Spymaster sees Israel as world cyberwar leader 12/15/09

Security Forces

AA: Iran, Turkey fight PKK militants 12/11/09

AA: Pilot of impounded plane claims cargo destined for Ukraine 12/13/09

AA: US, Poland status of forces pact deepens military cooperation 12/11/09

AZ: Azerbaijan: Commander of Air and Defense Force appointed 12/14/09

HR: New customs police to fight smuggling 12/14/09

IL: Israeli forces sieze 18 Palestinians in raids 12/16/09

IL: Israel’s Home Front Command simulates CBRN strike 12/15/09

UK: Beat officers ‘prevented terror attack by stopping suspicious tourist’ 12/16/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Baltic Defence Ministers sign cooperation communiqué in Riga 12/14/09

AA: Police of Serbia and Bulgaria strengthening cooperation against crime 12/15/09

AA: South Caucasus countries try to resolve their own security issues 12/14/09

AA: Turkey, Croatia agree to join forces for Bosnia and Herzegovina 12/13/09

AZ: Forum of Left Forces of Azerbaijan postponed for January or February 12/15/09

DE: German minister fights back over Afghan air strike 12/14/09

IL: Israel ‘committed’ to Ghajar withdrawal – UNIFIL 12/14/09

IL: Israel: Turkey’s hostility is ‘strategic’ move 12/12/09

NL: ICJ Kosovo UDI case hearing ends 12/11/09

RU: Russia Removes Constitutional Constraints on Military Intervention Abroad 12/14/09

RU: Russian MP: Turkey should act jointly with Russia, not US in Karabakh issue 12/14/09


AM: Former employee of Armenia’s Defense Ministry charged with espionage 12/15/09

BA: Bosnian ex-officer arrested over war crimes against Bosnian Croats 12/15/09

BG: Bulgaria Prosecutors Bring Charges against Top Crime Group 12/15/09

CY: Thieves steal Cyprus ex-president’s body from grave 12/11/09

RS: The Belgrade Six – Serbian Anarchists Arrested for ‘International Terrorism’ 12/15/09

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