EUCOM Week in Review Ending 2 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: EU says Bosnia almost ready, but trouble still looms 11/29/09

AA: EU Set To Lift Visas For Three Balkan States 11/30/09

AA: Lebanese Shia group Hezbollah announces new manifesto 11/30/09

BG: Berbatov flees Bulgaria following kidnap threat 12/01/09

CZ: Czech Intelligence Reveals Iraqi Plot To Attack RFE/RL 11/30/09

IT: No Mafia links — I’ma crime fighter, says Silvio Berlusconi 11/29/09

RU: Russia building arms plants in Venezuela 11/30/09

RU: Russia train bombing: sign of new terror tactics? 11/30/09

RU: Russia urges peaceful return to constitutional order in Honduras 12/01/09

TR: Turkey says Swiss ban violates freedoms 12/01/09

UA: During next 5 years Ukraine not to join any military-political organization 11/30/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: North Caucasus sees deadly clashes 12/01/09

IL: Israeli army rejects alleged gunfire in Gaza 11/30/09

RU: Investigators likely target of second Russian train blast 12/01/09

Special Operations

AA: Special forces in Afghanistan push British troops over 10000 11/30/09

IL: New task forces to take on mob 11/30/09

RU: Russian military announces large-scale Vostok-2010 drills 12/01/09

Security Forces

CZ: Czech cabinet approves foreign military mission concept 11/30/09

CZ: Czech MoD seeks to buy new assault rifles 11/30/09

HR: Croatian police joins international operation against child pornography 12/01/09

IL: Israeli army to fight Facebook enemies 12/01/09

IL: Rafael Unveils ‘Non Line of Sight’ Spike Missile Operating at 25 km Range 11/30/09

IL: IDF chief wants to enlist Arabs, Haredim in national service 12/02/09

RU: Second Russian Mobile ICBM Regiment to Become Operational 12/01/09

TR: PKK rebel killed in clash with Turkish military 11/30/09

UA: 26450 conscripts drafted into Ukrainian army this autumn 11/30/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: Anti-Protocols Forces Issue Announcement 12/01/09

AA: Kosovo and Lithuania strengthen military ties 11/30/09

AA: UN chief calls for extension of UN disengagement force on Israeli-Syrian front 12/02/09

AA: UN court hears Serb challenge to Kosovo independence 11/30/09

AZ: OSCE to monitor NKR-Azerbaijan contact line 12/02/09

GR: Greece – Speech of the OSCE Chairman-in-Office, Prime Minister and Foreign … 12/01/09

IL: Israel likely to free 980 Palestinians for Shalit 11/29/09

RU: Russia Signals Support for Moldovan Presidential Candidate Lupu 11/30/09

RU: Russia warns NATO over Afghan cooperation 12/01/09

RU: Russia will consider sanctions on Iran: diplomat 12/01/09


AA: Drug trafficking problems 12/01/09

BG: Bulgaria jails crime boss for money-laundering 12/01/09

DE: Nazi war crime trial underway in Germany 11/30/09

RU: Russian Court Sentences 36 Members Of Criminal Group 12/01/09

TR: 3 former military commanders to stand trial in Turkey 12/02/09

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