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Ban Ki-moon
Ban Ki-moon

US-China showdown looms over climate talks

COPENHAGEN – A showdown between the world's two largest polluters loomed over the U.N. climate talks Tuesday as China accused the United States and other rich nations of backsliding on their commitments to fight global warming.

Phi Beta Iota: The Secretary General means well, but he has no clue since the UN cannot actually aggregate and exploit multinational information nor make sense out of competing propositions.  Al Gore and those who have lied and manipulated data to get their way have set both UN and US science back by at least a decade.  It's all connected. The US representatives are not stupid–they are simply lazy and uninformed, too willing to parrot the lines given to them, without the slightest knowledge of substance necessary to be effective.

In a nutshell, Poverty and Infectious Disease are more important than #3 on the High-Level Threat Panel list, Environmental Degradation.  That threat in turn is vastly more complex and includes many more things than mere Climate Change, which is itself about much more than carbon emissions, staring with sulfer and mercury and moving on to paving the Mississippi wetlands.

With the exception of China and India, all of those attending are pompous mis-informed bureaucrats without a clue.

Priority 1 is to create a World Brain Institute with an Embedded Global Game that features true cost information on everything, connecting all humans to all information in all languages all the time.

Priority 2 is to widen our circle of compassion so that even the most unethical of politicians can be held accountable and can understand that “We” is ALL of us, and that the Earth does not really care whether the human species survives or not, it is resilient beyond our highest level of incompetence.

Priority 3 is to connect the poor to the Internet and to one another as quickly as possible, beginning with cell phones for every tenth woman in the bottom billion, and building from there.

Priority 4 is to take one line of the Lord's Prayer, “give us our daily bread,” and redirect as quickly as possible resources needed to give clean water, daily minimum allowance of food, and sanitation, to everyone.

This is not rocket science.  All it takes is INTEGRITY.  “The truth at any cost reduces all other costs.”

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