Journal: Stabilization & Reconstructions Hot Spots

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Phi Beta Iota: We thought we would look at one month's English-language news reporting on the term <stabilization and reconstruction> in relation to top countries of concern to the USA.  Here is what we found.  Our general conclusion: the US is doing all it can in Afghanistan; the Strategic Communication in Iraq is totally hosed, no one knows how to get the word out on all the good things being done as we transition from advise & assist to exit; and we are totally out to lunch on Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.  As is its custom, the US Government is waiting for those three places to explode into a fiery inferno rather than ramping up what General Al Gray, USMC, then Commandant of the Marine Corps, called “peaceful and preventive measures.”


AFG IJC Op's Update, Dec. 1: Reconstruction in Zabul Province; Casualty Update

Afghanistan and Pakistan: Anatomy of a Proxy War

Afghanistan stabilization may depend on Indo-Pakistani reconciliation

Afghans Assess Roles for NATO, U.N., Regional Actors

Agencies sending more civilians to Afghanistan

Canada must keep up aid after leaving Afghanistan, say locals

Contractors Watching Contractors

‘Germany Is Not Armed for War'

Indo-Pak-Afghan knot: threat to region’s stability?

Korea refutes Taliban statement

Lithuania will continue working towards stability in Afghanistan

Local shuras, jirgas and local community efforts in Afghanistan

Nation-Building in Afghanistan

On Afghanistan, Obama finds friend in India

Predoiu: Romania to increase number of troops in Afghanistan by 100

Provincial reconstruction team builds up Zabul to benefit Afghans, future generations

Remarks at the American Enterprise Institute

The Regional Alternative to Escalation in Afghanistan

Top UN official: Civil effort needs restructuring

Turkey not to send troops to Afghanistan

U.S. asks Gulf states for help in Afghanistan

US envoy says China can help Afghans

When bricks trump bullets


Blair adviser: US did not expect to stabilize Iraq

Inherited wars, inherited corruption

Iraq hopes Babylon ruins translate into tourist dollars

Rethinking the American Way of War

U.S. and Iraq become partners in education

U.S. Brigade Makes Steady Reconstruction Progress in Iraq


No articles with term “stabilization and reconstruction”


Testimony by John Prendergast at the Review of the U.S.-Sudan Policy Hearing


UAE to give Yemen Dh2.4b development grant

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