PACOM Week in Review Ending 13 Dec 09


Hot Topics

AA: Assam-Bangladesh border fencing almost over, says minister 12/08/09

AA: Norway UFO Was Out-Of-Control Russian Rocket 12/10/09

AA: To Beat Al Qaeda, Look to the East 12/12/09

AU: Australia heeds Obama's call 12/11/09

BD: Bangladesh: Getting Police Reform on Track 12/11/09

CN: China's New Security State 12/09/09

CN: New arrests over China's Xinjiang ethnic riots 12/09/09

CN: SURFACE FORCES : Why China Really Wants A Big Navy 12/11/09

ID: Thousands in Indonesia protest over graft 12/09/09

IN: Indian separatists ‘increasingly cornered' 12/10/09

JP: Japan to allocate money for US forces realignment in 2010 12/08/09

MM: K 93 billion worth of narcotic drugs destroyed in Eastern Shan State 12/08/09

NZ: Bulgarian skimmers in New Zealand sentenced to prison 12/11/09

RU: EU Monitors Call Russia to Pull Out from Perevi 12/11/09

TH: War brings profits to south Thailand 12/11/09

TH: THAILAND: The Imperfect Solution 12/08/09

Below the Fold: Instability, Special Operations, Security Forces, Foreign Affairs, Crime


AA: Bangla terror outfit eyeing Mumbai? 12/09/09

NP: Indian's murder triggers violence in Nepal town 12/11/09

TH: Bombs wound 14 as Thai, Malaysian PMs visit Thai south 12/08/09

Special Operations

AA: SURFACE FORCES : Japan And China At Sea Together 12/09/09

PH: Philippine Government Forces Begin Offensive Against Armed Followers Of … 12/09/09

Security Forces

CN: China sends additional military forces to contain the situation in Nyachuka … 12/12/09

FJ: FIji Poice hard drugs investigation 12/10/09

ID: Indonesia Seeks to Bolster Defense Industry 12/11/09

IN: India Beefs Up Security Budget 12/09/09

KP: N. Korea steps up Air Force training near sea border with S. Korea: source 12/11/09

KR: S. Korea submits motion to redeploy troops to Afghanistan despite Taliban's threat 12/10/09

MY: Crime Along The Border Under Control, Malaysia-Thai Cooperation Enhanced 12/09/09

PH: Nine leftist rebels killed in southern Philippine clash 12/12/09

PH: Philippine forces hunt for hostages after beheading 12/10/09

TH: Thais Seize Plane With Weapons From N. Korea 12/12/09

TP: Australian forces drawdown in East Timor 12/10/09

Foreign Affairs

AA: China, Philippines pledge to promote military ties 12/08/09

AA: U.S. Envoy: No Commitment by North Korea to Return to Nuke Talks 12/10/09

BD: Khaleda Warns Govt Against Entering Into Secret Deal 12/09/09

CN: China urges intensified int'l efforts to combat drug trafficking 12/08/09

IN: Defense Pact With Russia to Boost Defense Capability: India 12/10/09

IN: India: Parliamentarians must repeal the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Acts 12/10/09

LK: Sri Lanka endorses BIMSTEC Convention on Combating Terrorism, Transnational … 12/12/09

LK: Sri Lankan war allies, now political enemies 12/11/09

NP: Monarchy re-enters Nepal's political mix 12/10/09

TH: Burma Threatens Thailand's stability: Bangkok Governor 12/09/09


AA: Global human trafficking highlights (Dec. 9, 2009) 12/09/09

AA: Illicit drug trade threatens world security: UN chief 12/08/09

AU: 123 arrested in SA alcohol- crime blitz 12/13/09

AU: SA police move against second bikie gang 12/08/09

CN: 11 dead in central China killing spree 12/12/09

IN: India arrests hawala money laundering suspect Naresh Jain 12/08/09

MY: Malaysia sees 1191 internet banking crime cases in six months 12/10/09

NP: Nepal arrests army major charged with teen's murder 12/12/09

PH: Philippine crime gang kidnaps 65 12/10/09

PH: Philippines:Basilan Jailbreak reported – terror suspects escape 12/12/09

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